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Michael Hole Aug 27
Like a guilty dog looking
at a chewed discarded shoe.
You amused me,
I used you.

Did I have to tear you?
Did I really have a choice?
I knew I didn't care for you
or the bla bla of your voice.

Now I drink start to think,
I must be more than this.
Breaking hopeful hearts
with just "I'll call you" and a kiss.
Pulse Jun 9
there are hundreds of languages to say i love you in,
and you only ever say those three words in the fake ones.
guilt-ridden and poisonous and acid-tipped tongue,
dripping and corrosive and destructive.
I love you is synonymous for i hate you
and i love you means I'm sorry
and i love you means you'll never do it again
and i love you is a lie
sara Dec 2018
keep me wrong to make me right,
hold me down and make me strong,
pull me in just to stand me up,
I've been your canvas all along
Do I look like a doormat?

E l l e Jun 2018
Disposable likes

Dispensable loves

I wish I could throw it all away.

Somebody tell all these recyclable guys
To step down from their endless pride
and just be sustainable- but reusable for later

Reducible heartbreaks

Reprized 'I love you's'

I wish there was a safe way to get rid of our minds.

Without polluting everything around our youth
Because none of us want our children knowing
That one day they might be susceptible to that typa thing...

The world would be such a better place if we didn't waste

Maybe if we all knew

Sometimes we need to dispose of things the right way;
Instead of putting in on top of another pile-

It would be.
Take it how you want it, but this is definitely not about the earth.
flower-color Dec 2017
they think that you are their friend
but are you?

yes, you are their friend
but they aren't your friends

how that's possible ?
maybe because they don't notice

they don't notice that
they are interrupting you all the time
that you don't finish your storys
that you are laying
and believe me you're bad at it

they even don't notice
that you're disappearing
that you're fading away
and that that you're hurt

such a good friends
but why?
why you are still their friend?

you're still hoping
you're such a stupid girl
but they don't notice even that
all they do is use u...
Alaska Nov 2017
Because the person who I actually
Thought would give me a chance
And show me that I did not have
Bad luck with my heart,
Proved me wrong and hurt me the
You showed me that I was not even
Worth the risk and proved me right
That I’m just not meant to be in
A romantic relationship with
Another soul.
Just solely physical... since that
Is all I am used to.
misty Jul 2017
a rabid violation i was, towards those near me
a premeditated prowess full of diligent schemes,
a faucet i constantly found myself turning.
Ink Apr 2017
his roots are hidden
no one knows where he has been
or what he has been through.
they only know he was elsewhere once-
an elsewhere where experiences are best left hidden

his stem is course
composed of hardening resistance,
stiffened from a difficult childhood.
this is his base, a stability within him.
these lessons hold him up and keep him going

his thorns are soft
they only look rough to give the illusion of being guarded,
but his defenses are easily torn through.
if you touch him, he knows he'll bruise
but he will never make you bleed

his petals are wondrous
their velvet smells of boys' cologne
and are dotted in dewy teardrops.
he flourishes for the hands that dares to stroke him
but the hands only plucks his petals and leave the rest of him behind
I'm scared to death that my wings are being clipped
While I tend to the weak
Plucking a feather for each of the fallen
A sad attempt of trying to save someone else
Forgetting myself
Being torn apart
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