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I always take you in, any time that you are lost,
I’ve paid your bills, whatever they cost, now you leave me feeling, so alone, and lost.
I helped you out countless times, in many different ways, whenever you call, I am always there, any time of day,
now you have no feelings, for me in anyway.
I always did the right things, to satisfy your mind,
you couldn’t count the day’s, or hours I gave you in time,
why are you being so unkind.
You used my house so many times, when on the run, to hide,
I always welcomed you, and made you feel safe inside,
and now, you make up lies, about me, why?
Whenever, your heart was broken, I was the only one who cared, when you are sick, I am always there,
And now you show appreciation, leaving me alone in a stare.

                                                          Tom Maxwell 08/11/05
You Know someone Like this....
Marri Apr 2020
The reason I called at 12:14 am
Was not for casual small talk,
Or chit chat about the day,
Or even because I missed you.
It’s because I’m trying to fill my empty satisfactions.

The reason I text you back at any time in the day
Is not to check up on you,
Or to be with you,
Or even because I care about you.
It’s because I’m trying to fill my time.

I’m using you,
Sick, right?

The reason I reach out to you
Is not because “I still love you”,
Or to have and to hold you,
Or even because I, dare I say, miss you.
It’s because you’re so convenient.

Wanna know something even sicker than the latter?
I know that I’m using you,
I know that I’m some sadistic girl,
I know that I’m some kind of a messed up human.

The reason I lead you on
Is not because “I want you so bad”,
Or that I can only contract at the thought of you,
Or even because I desire only you.
It’s because you’re so easy.

The thing is:
I love it.

I love using you.
Frankly, It would be quite rude not to.

You’re just temporary,
Every breath you take is because I gave it to you,
Every step you take is because I showed it to you,
I created you.

I am your Goddess.
(When you think you’re a God.)
Silly me, silly you,
To think you would own me.

Silly us,
To think we’re in love.

But we know better than that.
We know that you’re just a temporary fix to a bigger appetite.
Let’s not think about that.

Let’s be silly,
Let’s be stupid,
Let’s be ignorant kids trying to love.
Ella Apr 2020
Don't pretend
that you were trying
to save me when
you were the one
who let me

You're nothing but a jester
exploiting me to win my crown.
Exploiting: To use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.
Max Neumann Feb 2020
the repetition of a repetition
the repetition of a repetition
the repetition of a repetition
the repetition of a repetition
the repetition of a repetition
the repetition of a repetition

which means:

doing drugs daily
being trapped on the quest
for the first high
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Today is a good day.
Dawson Oct 2019
You keep using me
Without knowing you are doing so
And I allow it to happen
Ee use each other in the name of
But we both know that’s
A ploy
We aren’t real
We are just filling a role
That the other needs
In this time and space
And that was fine
Until I fell into your color blue
And now I can’t play the part
That you cast for me
I can’t just float out here
And swoop in when the time is right for you
You see
It doesn’t work that way
I am the softest place to land
But I can’t be that for you
When you are rock hard
I am the sweetness you crave
I am the vulnerability you need
But you can’t see that
So I have to walk off this stage
Stop acting as if I can be the girl
Who plays this role for you
Because you can’t see
That I am worth it
M Aug 2019
Like a guilty dog looking
at a chewed discarded shoe.
You amused me,
I used you.

Did I have to tear you?
Did I really have a choice?
I knew I didn't care for you
or the bla bla of your voice.

Now I drink and start to think,
I must be more than this.
Breaking young and hopeful hearts
with just "I'll call you" and a kiss.
Sara Dec 2018
keep me wrong to make me right,
hold me down and make me strong,
pull me in just to stand me up,
I've been your canvas all along
Do I look like a doormat?

E l l e Jun 2018
Disposable likes

Dispensable loves

I wish I could throw it all away.

Somebody tell all these recyclable guys
To step down from their endless pride
and just be sustainable- but reusable for later

Reducible heartbreaks

Reprized 'I love you's'

I wish there was a safe way to get rid of our minds.

Without polluting everything around our youth
Because none of us want our children knowing
That one day they might be susceptible to that typa thing...

The world would be such a better place if we didn't waste

Maybe if we all knew

Sometimes we need to dispose of things the right way;
Instead of putting in on top of another pile-

It would be.
Take it how you want it, but this is definitely not about the earth.
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