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Matthew Roe Oct 2018
There’s a swan on the line,
Taking your time,
So bow to the seagull in Jewels.

The Burberry is real this time,
But the face still spits and scathes
At those below his mental might,
It is Golden muscles this time,
Not concrete knuckles,
That deliver this slap in the face.

We all sigh,
And roll our eyes,
Cocking our heads like the red-eyed
That lies flattened on the next track over.
‘Vikings’=references how it was during the Viking rule of Britain that it became law that the royals own the swans.
‘Burberry is real’=how Chavs or negative depictions of the lower class often show them wearing counterfeit designer gear, usually Burberry.
‘Red eyed pheasant’=how the needs of the upper classes (swans) can be prioritised over the lower classes (pheasants), plus the red curve that is underneath a pheasants eye.

Based on a true incident on a train journey I took.
Rizna M Rameez Oct 2018
How reasonable dreams are... .................................................................­................

Till you wake up.

Just woke up and realized all the reasons I was battling with in my sleep to sleep on weren't reasonable but they seemed perfectly right till I woke up. So many moments like these I'm sure all of you guys can relate. Oh that confusion when you wake up, like where the heck am I?
Aniseed Jul 2018
Advertising loneliness
Highway hypnosis
Always staring at this white ceiling
I can't paint

Aspirin doesn't take away the ache in my soul
That spreads to my mind
That spreads to my words
That stain my fingertips
And seizes my ankles


27 times I've been reminded that
These bones aren't going to hold me forever
And these feet will forget how to run
But I told myself they never found a need to
Instead simulating a universe
Where they had power


There's a cruel joke in there somewhere
That playing House as kids
Didn't include a guide on how
To reach that threshold in the first place.
Learning that hands were made to be used
When cooking
And compromise was the cornerstone of love
When cleaning

I haven't really sat down to compose something that sounds coherent. Have some recent thought rambles from the last few months, instead.
C Mahood Jun 2018
I theese the beeeths
With yellow kneeees.
I theese them squeze,
Between the trees.

I Theese the beeeths,
Some honey please?
I theese them tease,
I theese the beeeths.

I Thuck my tongue,
Into the hive.
Thats when the hive,
It came alive.

I theese the beeeth’s
*** do a jig,
Now that is why,
My tongues tho big!
another favorite of my pupils. silly ridiculous and childish fun. Best read aloud with a Lisp (Lithp)
Nathan A Brock Feb 2018
God has no need to reproduce
gender would be of little use.
Tho we argue and tho we fight,
neither side can be truly right.
Debating is a pointless to-do,
the only reason that we do-
no man of the human genus
would praise a God without a *****.
I seriously doubt that God would be gender specific. Regardless of which side you are on.... the argument is ridiculous
Rodium Tek Jan 2018
A horse walked up to a farmer.
This horse was anything but a charmer.
This was not a horse that worked or ran races;
But it was a horse that had three faces.

He said "Hello farmer, I see you're farming.
I know I look scary, but I don't like harming.
I'm just here because I want to help you.
Maybe even become part of your animal crew."

The farmer replied "What the heck are you?
You look like a demonic horse with three faces.
I don't even want to look at you.
And do you even know what grace is?"

"You speak foul of me, which I hope you remorse.
After all, you are speaking to the Three-Faced Horse.
You shouldn't judge, based on appearance.
I'm in fact a horse filled with with brilliance."

"I don't care how good you are.
Your so **** I could see it from afar.
I couldn't look at that all day.
So please leave me alone, if you may."

"Well, it's no wonder you don't have many friends.
Nobody likes somebody who judges.
Although it's not too late to make amends,
If you're a ****, people will hold grudges."

"You might be right, but my answer is no.
I seriously will fight you, after all I make a good foe.
So please leave my farm and don't come back.
It is getting late, and I should really hit the sack."

"Leave I will, because I know your *****.
But you will experience karma, and you won't be happy.
If you keep judging, then you will be alone.
So for your bitterness, I hope you will atone."

The day ended, and the farmer went to sleep.
The horse left the farm, and didn't come back.
To the farmer, the horse never made a peep.
But in a few months, the farmer died from a heart attack.
I know it's ridiculous.
anotherken Nov 2017
Friends of friends, they have
A sort of third-wheel, in a platonic way......
Game, set, "match."
The other title is "***".
R Nov 2017
If insanity is defined as
doing the same thing over and over
believing to yield a different result,
then stupidity should be defined as
doing the same thing over and over
without learning anything
from the experience
and then doing it again.
Benji James Aug 2017
I’m still chasing girls 

Out of my league

Mumma always said 
chase your dreams

Even with all the impossibilities 

So I'm chasing girls every day

Maybe that's the reason

They don't want to be with me

In fact, it's she who said that to me

How can I choose

With all these fish in the sea

So many girls they're all so pretty

I want them all 

Not just one

Maybe I'm a little greedy

Still, think I'm cheesy?

Nah I'm freakin' seedy

But don't be fooled

It takes a lot to please me

So many cuties in this club

And I want every single one

Because I just can't get enough

Of all this ****

Let's make love, in this club 

Where's Ushers song come on

Girl, I want you, no you, no you

**** how am I supposed to choose

I'm so confused

On what to do

Oh well, guess I better make them 

Form a Que.

I want them all 

Not just one

Maybe I'm a little greedy

Still, think I'm cheesy?

Nah I'm freakin' seedy

But don't be fooled
It takes a lot to please me

Hey, little lady,

I think I love you

Nah just kidding

I want to *******

In fact, bring a friend to

There enough room in my bed

For both of you

Come on give me all you've got

Because your both so freakin' hot

I want them all 

Not just one

Maybe I'm a little greedy

Still, think I'm cheesy?

Nah I'm freakin' seedy

But don't be fooled

It takes a lot to please me

©2017 Written By Benji James
Just something ridiculous and fun
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