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Survived May 2021
I remember the day when you said you don't fear losing me anymore perhaps you had capitalized only you will i adore

forever after, the fear was started taking its shape you started taking me for granted while i looked the other way.

Slowly and quietly my fear started taking a giant shape when you started avoiding my calls and breaking our laws.

I was so helpless but still my love for you was so full i broke my heart every single day with a fear that one day you may leave.

Today when i abruptly read these lines "there can't be any love without fear" the flashback of yours came to my mind i started daydreaming what if you never said those lines?
Survived May 2021
The only polarity between us was
You wanted me, whereas i needed you!
Survived Sep 2020
The same old fire
started burning again;
The toy which you have burned alive
Somehow survived the plague.
Survived Sep 2020
I don't know if true love really exist or not but I'm **** sure if somehow it does then it's not like how you loved me!
Survived Jul 2020
Thanks for leaving me
I needed to find myself.
Survived Jun 2020
All I need
Is a tight hug from you
To join all the broken parts of me.
Survived Jun 2020
And when it's comes to love
I'm ******* immature person.
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