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Survived Sep 9
The same old fire
started burning again;
The toy which you have burned alive
Somehow survived the plague.
Survived Sep 9
I don't know if true love really exist or not but I'm **** sure if somehow it does then it's not like how you loved me!
Survived Jul 12
Thanks for leaving me
I needed to find myself.
Survived Jun 23
All I need
Is a tight hug from you
To join all the broken parts of me.
Survived Jun 20
And when it's comes to love
I'm ******* immature person.
Survived Jun 11
I wish I could save those words
Listening to whom my heart emerged

They are still seducing my mind with their arcane
And all i could do is to hope that they aimed at me again.
Survived May 27
I'm your karma babe
there is no point to debate
I gone through your games
I know the way you betrayed

I'm the soul of the innocents you ****
I'm the aid of the peoples you date
Now it's your turn babe
Yeah, I'm your karma babe

I'm the blade, I'm the ache
I'm the fate, I'm the hate
Yeah, I was one of your slaves
Yeah, I was one of your babes

But now it's your turn babe
Let me show you how it's taste
Let me show your real face
Yeah, I'm your karma babe

Playing, betraying and then leaving
Is your primary profession
I don't need your confession
Cause I was one of your imitation

I know you're the sinner
I know you're the killer
I know you're the winner
But now take a little rest babe
Cause I'm your karma babe.
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