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Amena 1d
I am a poet they say
I write about the emotions and all the things I can’t say
I am a poet they say
When life gets hard I move my pen and free the pain away
I am a poet they say
A poet that writes about love and hate at the same day
I am a poet they say
And you are the curse that will never go anyway
I am a poet they say
I hate my love to you in every single way
I am a poet they say
I write things about you as if I’m writing about my enemy
I am a poet they say
I believe in you even though you’re the fakest fantasy
I wish you could just liberate me
Because in the end
I am just a poet
Yet to you
I am the lover who could not stay away
This kind of love is toxic
Get out of it while you still can
Amena 6d
I always believed that there is no such a thing as unconditional love, because to me there is no way someone can love you with no boundaries.
And even if there is a chance that this person exists I will take all the other chances that says otherwise.
It is a belief, and it takes more than one person to change someone’s belief, right?
Yet when you came I gave up on all the other chances to take only yours.
Because in the end it only takes one person to change all of your beliefs.
Love unconditionally for there’s no other day to do that, love your people, love your work, love your dog or cat or even your bird but make sure to love them
Amena Sep 10
I guess they love you
Because all the poems I’ve written are
About you
I guess they love you
Because every single love song I hear is
Describing you
I guess they love you
Because In every passing face
I see you
I guess they love you
Because I’m not sure if all the writers and poets fell in love before
With you
Amena Aug 10
‪They say you define love the way you’ve experienced it
Which means each and every one of us experienced a different type of love
And that is why we have this many definitions of love
Yet to be completely honest with you there’s no definition nor explanation needed
When it comes to your love
When it comes to what I feel for you
There is no need for all those words nor labels
Because simply it’s just you and me
No definition no explanation no words no labels
Nothing is needed when it comes to you and me
As simple as that
Amena Jul 8
I feel inspired when I think of you
As if you are my only muse

I get the idea of love but what is
The meaning of me and you ?

I see art and immediately think of you
It’s either you or you
No way I’m choosing someone new

I feel the music when I’m next to you
And when I can’t find your existence
I can’t find the perfect tune

So if that is the meaning of me and you
I don’t mind calling it my muse
“you're the inspiration behind my work”
Amena Jun 16
You can force many things
With power
Such as accepting what cannot be accepted
But you can’t force love
With power
You can’t force someone to fall in
With a song
Or a poem that has been written
By someone who has been in love
You can’t force someone
To admire a work of art
Or to push them to understand
The meaning behind a book
You can’t force someone
With power
When its
Because love cannot be reached by power
Amena Jun 1
You talk and i hear nothing but seeing the movement of your mouth
It is not you as they say it is me and i lost the interest in life
The more i try to listen the more the time stops
They say when you keep your mouth shut things get loud
Somehow my mind is not shutting down
If i can explain the way it works i will have to put labels
And i hate doing things like that
It is not something I’d enjoy talking about
So here i am writing about it to get it out.
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