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The other day I caught you staring,
I don’t think you realized because,
When my eyes met yours we broke into uncontrollable laughter.

The incredible feeling of being in the presence of pure love,
Intertwined instinctively

Remember to never grow a day older,
But always grow a day wiser.

And know our love is a pre-written plot from the very beginning
A script sent straight from stars

           —letters to my sun ☀️
Emily M May 6
Picking up the pace
Trying to win the race
Attempting to flee this place...

Running wild
Movements swift
Like that of a hare
Legs pumping

I need to be free

Here I come
Prepared to strike
But the question is;
Are you?

Brace yourself
Collision is inevitable
Like the flow of time
Ticking away

Be careful
I'll strike
'Cause you know what I am
I'm a monster

Teeth bared
Believe me
I don't care if it's aired
I'll still tear you apart

So please
Get out of the way
As I come charging through
Like a rhino
Destroying all in my path...

- Emily M
May 6th, 2019
I've been a bit...aggressive lately. Just - no surprises...
Goodfellow Feb 28
Bow down to me!
For I am your true master
Your life lays in my hands
You can never control what happens
I will always be one step ahead of you
I could cut off your delicate strings of life
Just out of personal amusement
Or let you live long enough to become evil
My hands will run against you
To make your bones grow weak
And your skin wrinkle
One by one I'll pick your loved ones off the tree
So you'll be all alone
Fear me!
I am your true master!
SMS Jan 25
Hot salty streams
Accompanied with
An occasional sob.
Sometimes fall soft
Barely noticeable
Little snowflakes
Spot the ground.
Other times fall heavy
Hard not to notice
Forceful hailstorms
Thunder as they fall.
Tsu Mar 14
Don't tell me who I am
Or who I'm supposed to be
Because I am strong
Because I am beautiful
In every way

Don't tell me I need to stop frowning
Or why I should pretend I'm happy
Because I have the right to emotions
Because I have the right for what I need to feel
Each and every day

Don't tell me to stop living my life
Or to stop the things I love and do
Because I am me
Because I am not a reflection of you
You don't control me

Don't just tell me I need to share
To love
To smile
Because I'll only do it
If you show me first

I am independent
I am strong
I am flawless yet imperfect
I am me.
Daniel Ruiz Aug 2018
hope you get everything you deserve, because what you are getting isn't,

Good bye.
Thinking about you even though I shouldn’t, I want to forget you as fast as I can, so I don’t have to feel so guilty or sad, over someone that probably already forgot about me...
Regan Jun 2018
Cold, salty droplets
They’re always showing up
I can’t control them.

© Regan
Update: So I thought today would go exactly the same as usual, and then I check my emails, and notice i had 26 notifications from hello poetry. Thank you all so much, I’m truly in tears because of how happy I am to see how much growth this poem has received.
Carter Ginter Jun 2018
Poison flows through my veins
And I'm ready to attack
Do not come near me
Do not **** with me today
Depression is anger turned inward
And I'm sick of feeling sad
Maybe if I turn my anger outward
I can start to feel better again
They say assertiveness beats aggression
But I need to let it out somehow
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