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Eva Jul 2020
I'll accept greetings from the dark,
familiar to its horrors and charcoal designs.
On terrible nights, I'll let the endless stars rock me to sleep,
allowing the cold to sting and bruise.
Somehow the numbing darkness,
was the only warmth I could feel,
the only hurt I didn't mind.
Eva Jul 2020
The lid of a stained glass bottle,
leaves a burning sensation in my palm.
What was I hoping for?
Surely, this message will wrinkle-
my painful words silently drifting away.
And all that'd be left was my starving soul,
craving to be found someday.
Eva Jun 2020
I've fallen before...
Fell into the coldness of a winter night,
and sunk into the chilling shadows of the moon.
I've tripped on the stutter of my words,
and let myself collapse into gloom.
Yet I've never fallen in love before.
Never melted in the tenderness of ones heart...
Or drowned in the eyes of love.
I've never understood the feeling...
of how it is
to truly fall.
Eva Jun 2020
We'll put a label
on what we can not define.
What's wrong and what's right?
Eva Jun 2020
I never liked horror films,
but it seems as if
it's our only reality.
Eva Jun 2020
The hot shower water
embraces me,
cleansing me from the outside world.
Sometimes it takes my tears,
and often takes my pain.
I'm stripped of the negative thoughts,
as they hurry down the drain.
Eva May 2020
Is it possible to have absolutely nothing on your mind.
Just staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
while scrunched in bed.
The gentle taps of the rain
would lightly knock on your windowsill.
Your favorite song-
escaping from your earbuds.
And for a moment, you forget about the world
and all your worries.
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