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Eva Apr 8
can't relive the past
but it's all I think about
Eva Oct 2020
I looked back at the rows of stone, with the many carved names.
I wonder if they had anyone to cry for their loss.
Did anyone weep for their death, or were they like me?
again, my thoughts scoffed at myself.
No one will ever be like me.  
I lifted the gun to my trembling head.
In a way, it was calming…
I was now stronger than my thoughts, holding a power it never had.
Farewell miserable world, you’ve given me my pain and all of my sorrow.
But I've one last request.
Please, cry for me.
Eva Oct 2020
His eyes were the color of grief,
and I let myself drown in their innocence.
I’ve allowed myself to melt in his sea of emotion,
and now I’m the color of grief,
no longer innocent.
Eva Oct 2020
I've left a trail of emotion behind my back,
chasing away the grief in her glassy eyes.
These sobs fueled my tired self-
echoing against her trembling hands.
With me, I’ll take your despair,
I'll take your regret,
dropping to the marble
Eva Sep 2020
her tears on a fragile paper-
curling the corners of the wrinkled words...
instead of ink,
she'd use emotion.
Pouring it all on the thin lines
of what used to be her joy.
Eva Jul 2020
Flickering lights mimick my heartbeat,
constantly reminding
of the sad melody it plays.
Eva Jul 2020
I'll accept greetings from the dark,
familiar to its horrors and charcoal designs.
On terrible nights, I'll let the endless stars rock me to sleep,
allowing the cold to sting and bruise.
Somehow the numbing darkness,
was the only warmth I could feel,
the only hurt I didn't mind.
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