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Kai Sep 6
Eyes beaming to boisterous belly laughs of old friends-
pursuing painted sunsets and cold winds.
Made me feel like a man, from your alcohol and wine.
She said, “where were you when I wasn’t fine?”

Deluded her with my plausible lies, truth be told-
You were forgotten, but I’m not your foe.
Is he a better charmer whose eyes light up your den?
Lost a good friend, cause’ I left for some men.
Oh, how foolish I was, I cried more than I could chew.
Truth is I am not a man without you.
I hope your best friend is better than what I could have become.
Leamas Jun 13
I lost a friend
I didnt expect it to end
A friendship like godsend
Out of the blue
Got a message felt like getting the flue
Got me all dizzy
Couldnt believe what i saw so i acted busy
What can i say what can i do
I thought when we said forever together it was true
Did i do something wrong  ?
All i could do is to dive headlong
I demanded a reason
I havent done no treason
All i heard was empty excuses
I couldnt let it go easily
I cant be one who loses
But i was losing the argument breezily 
I can't force my presence on someone
If it all it does is hurt them
So i had to let go
But i felt so dumb
Erica Girone Jun 12
You need to watch how you spend your time
Putting others first and leaving yourself behind
Ignoring red flags and misreading the signs
Granting others serenity only to lose your own mind
I'm cast into blue icy depths,
Those eyes of yours and mine had met,
A hardened hate is what I felt
But I don't know of damage dealt

With you I had not a squabble
When we first met your affections toppled!
If I may,
then I will guess
He fed you lies
Must be the reason for those freezing eyes

I’d love to tell you how
                                 I thought
It went to hell
But you two wander off.

I'm pulled out of the frozen waves,
Into suburbs
Where we all live
Your kids come over every other
Day to play with mine

A jostle and I'm back again
Watching your backs walk fast again,

I wish we had a different fate,
But I see now, your hearts are hard,
My character must have been flawed

It is of no effect to me,
Cause if ever a time were to arise,
Or God decides there will be rain,
For you two,
I hope to be near
So that I may hear all your tears,
As aid comes around
But you will not know from whom,
And I'll leave without a sound.
You remind me of a ****** eraser.
I don't mean ******* the outside
and soft on the inside.
I mean frustrating to deal with,
not worth the effort,
and you leave a dark mark
in your wake.

You remind me of a bad cup of coffee.
No, no, not bitter, that's all me.
But you? You're
like I should have
poured you down the drain
instead of consuming you,
hoping you'll improve my day.

You remind me of a Beach Boys song.
Not because I want to take you
anywhere near the Florida Keys--
Because for the love of
******* God,
no matter what I do,
I can't seem to get you out of my head.
Anne Apr 2019
My blood still flutters
at the thought of you being
all I thought you were.

My face gains a freckle
every time
I remember that you and I watch
the same sunset every night.

Is it ever gonna be enough?
Treading water is getting old.
Can’t live with you,
can’t live without you.
Wrote this listening to metric and thinking of lost friends
Jenovah Feb 2019
I finally feel I can be happy again
Now that I’ve shed my metaphorical
I no longer feel the crawling sensations of the insecurities you
Conjured up for me
I can no longer feel the burn in my chest
After you’ve passed on my secrets
To uninvited ears
Because you will never get another one from me nor will you ever know another part of me
I am done living in your shadow because you thought me incapable of true friendship
Without  you I will grow into the most beautiful and best me
like a **** that held me back
you will no longer break me and pick me apart and keep me from growing
For A toxic friend
Leave me alone

Move on!

You always knew you needed me more than I needed you.
My ex friend and I had a fight and stopped talking to each other over a year ago and she constantly texted me asking me why I wouldn’t talk to her. Months would pass where I thought she finally moved on but then she would text me again, and every time my heart would drop into my stomach. I never responded, until last month when I gave an explaination through text. I promptly blocked her number because I wanted to be done with it all. We go to college in different states so it’s pretty easy to avoid any actual contact with her.
Now I’m home for thanksgiving break and she happened to be running past my house and started talking to my dad, asking about my life. I’m tired of her. I’m tired of her asking about me. I’m tired of the “olive branch” offers for “peace”. Last month she said the “sin” of our parting was transferred to me (I still don’t know what that means). I haven’t spoken to her in over a year and haven’t provoked her in any way—I blocked her on everything imaginable—yet she insists on taking over my mind and slipping her way into the cracks of my brain, making me anxious when I know that’s ridiculous.
I don’t want to talk to her, and I want this to stop. I’m tired of it.
I know she hasn’t changed, and I’m no longer that stupid eighth grader who took her back in middle school.
I want to be strong but she keeps hammering at my walls and I’m afraid I’ll crumble.
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