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A gentle creature
eating nectar from flowers
then roams in our yard.
A poem requested by my son about butterfly
I still bleed in pain
since you were gone.
There's a hollow space inside
that will never be filled and
there's no way to untangle
my heart from yours.

For the rest of my life,
you are always tucked in my heart,
.......our bright star.
First Death Anniversary of my Son Clay
Songs are just like bookmarks in life.
We don't notice things;
it is how we take down time.

The lyrics, the melody, the mood,
and the feelings—yeah!
A single line of a song can take you
back to a moment in time.
Time Travel
Time Capsule
Free Verse Poetry
Life presents two road lane

- give and take
"...God's name in creatures,
hid in wonder mystery
that spelt inversely..."
Freddie and Max
Sa lawas ng
ko isusulat
ang libo-libong tula
at mula sa mga himig
ng alon sa laot,
doon ako huhugot
ng mga tayutay
at saknong na
may lantay at tugma.
Mountain city lake
in the middle of two cosmos.
Trees and citylights are poems
that nature writes upon the sky.
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