Baka sakali lang naman na alam ko ang tinutukoy mo
Nag-iba bigla ang sinasabi ng mga mata mo
Noong sinabi mong 'alam mo na yon'
Pasensya dahil hindi ko kayang kumonekta ng ganon kabilis
Natatakot pa akong magtanggal ng damit
Natatakot pa akong ipakita ang tunay na ako
Patawarin mo ang kahangalan ko

Siguro hanggang paghaplos
Hanggang pagkapit mo sa mga braso ko
At ang manaka-nakang paghawak mo sa mga pulso at kamay ko
Paghawak mo sa ulo ko at sabay ang paghaplos sa buhok ko,
At ang pagkawala ng mga 'to
Dahil madalas na ang pag-iwas mo sa mga mata ko.

Pero saglit,
May tradisyon pa tayong gaganapin
Magkasamang haharapin ang sakit
Sana maabutan pa natin ang buwan na mahahaluan ng mga ngiti
At pagsambit
ng mga lihim
Sana interesado ka pa dahil ganon kabilis
nagbago ang isip
Walang wala sa bilis ng paglakad mo sa susunod na destinsyon
Bakit ganon kabilis?
Kaya saglit,
Ngayon lang ako magpapahintay kaya sana 'wag ka munang mainip.
Hangal, oo hangal
Ang sabog pero hahaha
their eyes, red and swollen
In the corner of this house, there is deafening silence
screamed by my father's mind
And my body shakes as if riding a bus through a bumpy road,
I'm numb enough but i still know
We have different monsters
We face each day, we don't know if we're lucky that we survived
I don't know where their minds are,
and I'm willing to hide behind
the ignorance of this war

Yes, this is the kind of home I return to
Maybe that's what established the bliss of not knowing
Maybe I'm starting to consider not coming "home". 8/19/18
it's kind of funny how we let the past, our loneliness, to present itself as a tool to let go, when every step forward creates lines of words that bury us deep, further into the  same hole we were trying to claw our selves out.
when will we learn to mourn a little bit and go.
Every time I close my eyes, I fantasize every single detail of cutting myself into pieces, escaping my skin. I'd sit in a moment where I can't fake it anymore, the world just tells me to close my eyes and let the static in my ears grow louder. Don't fight it anymore. It's you. Eventually, it will consume me and I wouldn't have to do anything anymore.

I was walking in this dark road, tempted to just lie in the middle of the wet floor and let my screams out. I want my tears to escape me, at last. My brain was ready not to mind all the eyes to see, it was ready not to mind the people I know to know how badly scarred and scared I was, my blurry eyes were ready to see their figures to walk away from me. But I was a vessel, too thick, the walls aren't planning to back down, and I'm left inside it powerless
You know how you know the moon's name, but it doesn't know yours?
It felt being sidetracked
How its light beams mildly to your eyes, but yours, just irrelevant
Cold breeze makes you shiver
but the night takes no effect from you

It's nothing like your touch,

You touch me like a cotton ball,
carelessly, effortlessly gives a sign of relief
A sigh of affirmation,
of how this spot is reserved for only me
and your hands are designed to remember every edge of my body
and how you say my name,
like its the only thing that matters
and how your gaze sends electric signals as you utter words, so gently.
I feel my knees melting
No, I can't feel them anymore
And I feel like I'm floating

The night, once against me, has become my fortress, our fortress.
Inspired(?) by Leah on the offbeat, so you know tonight, I'm in love.
It feels like a lump on the throat,
the sensation of feeling everything and nothing at all.
This skin feels tighter than usual
or a little bit loose to let the cold in,
or thicker that the blades are incapable of digging in,
or wispy like the clouds.
No, my clouds are thunderheads
bring storms to my normal day,
screams the sound of dismay.
I long for the warmth,
yet cold air barges in
wrap up and supply tears for rain.
The rain brings comfort, though
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