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Jenna 23h
Your voice floats
with a refreshing confidence
Directing your own show
in front of others
Yet, I cannot seem to do
the same, when
I stand in front of you alone
Wobbling with syllables;
I feel like I'm learning to talk again
making me take a couple steps back;
mastering how to communicate, more
than what I hope my eyes can convey
Jenna 1d
I can't swallow this pain
spiraling down the shower drain
the lip stick stain,
is the color of a constant migraine
staring at me, I might turn insane

Whenever I saw you with him in disdain
I cannot not maintain
this derailing emotional train
that is called my brain

Though it matters not what lane
still tugging at our almost broken chain
in effort to retain,
whatever is left to remain.

You are no longer my Plain Jane.
Jenna 4d
Rain is just another reminder
of how many tears I have shed
and how less lonely I am
in this gray world
Jenna Mar 14
Cars passing by,
Who are you and who am I?
With every fleeting glance
Always wondering if we had a chance
The wind blows one way
It was only a windy day
Either way we were sent adrift
Your brief smile a precious gift
Jenna Mar 13
I want to be someone's love song.

Listening on repeat
Their heart dancing to the beat
Smiles and blushes hearing my voice
Wanting to be near me by choice
My unstable infectious feelings
Makes them think they're dreaming
Jumping with glee
They couldn't have felt more free

This heart makes its own tune
It felt like we were in a sappy cartoon
Jenna Mar 12
Darker person on the other side
What is there you have left to hide?
My echoing voice is all that replied
It seems your light has died
Jenna Mar 12
Colors have meanings
yet, I cannot understand this one
This color gives of a hint of freshness,
new beginnings in one's life
A warmth spread so thin
it reflects upon us during the day

Everyone is surrounded by it
Yet, this color is most peculiar
Why does it exist to humans?
Nothing is felt from it
It is only described
to the nature that provides it

If anything it makes me feel disturbed
it glares at you, like it's judging
Most food that rots or molds,
turns this color first
Yet, this color is defined as
vibrant, relaxing, and summer
Can anyone guess this color?
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