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Jenna Apr 2020
I'm goin' downtown
         To see what's goin' around

Nothing but a bunch of empty space
             because reality is hittin' people in da' face.

      No style, no talk.
      Just a walk,

around the block,

I shouldn't even be out.
       But there is no sound

                   in my cell:

Decrease in education.

No way out, it still gonna spread.
Watch out, before people stay away
from you like you already dead.

I'm goin' to my ghostown,
Watching people from above
Having a common stare-down
They aren't the only ones to know.

All of this:
is The Pits.

No way out,
stuck doubt.
Outtake on Coronavirus while walking in town which has not been quarantine yet.
Jenna Oct 2019
Can we talk about the daisies that lie in wait
as the little sister shouts
                 to her brother not too far,
that flowers aren’t only for girls

because one day he will have to bring them to the                            ****** shape in the green grass

             where she rests and the daisies have finally wilted,

store-bought ones
                 don’t have the same charm it enraptured his sister with

and didn’t create the same smile on his drying lips,                    
             the watercolor red stains his eyes

                                 and the veins become
       the stems of a regret-filled life.
Jenna Oct 2019
Long lines of clouds could be seen
under the dense blue where a so-called
  'space' is available who wish to explore a
new world where humans do not inhabit
the mind and take control of your body.

how freeing, not even a bird could compare
to aimlessly floating around next to the Stars,
glimmering in the dark abyss, which I compare
to my old planet filled with a dark sense of humor.

This foreboding taste of the lost little girl,
who is an alien among her own and
to the stars. But at least those welcome her
with bright grins and burns. Not a sugarcoated
tongue who forces its way down your throat.

                               for simply

                being          the        Weird

Jenna Oct 2019
By the river we sat,

the fish squirm below.

They remind me of speckled dirt.

A stone flies, spattering  

rings of a tree which show  

our life over the short years.

The insects that sing and thrive during a  

Summer day relish in a sun

so warm it brightens our skin

turning it deep red as the maple leaves

when autumn shows its cold shoulder.  

The color slowly hurts as the harsh winds

hit our cheeks with a slap

full of rules and stricter discipline.  

Distance is not the only thing

that grows between us.

Snow drops appear slowly, yet

I sit waiting by the river for you.

Chills form, I stand as still as the snow.

Leaving footprints of longing, I backtrack

every time I spot a piece of fresh grass

sprouting out of the blank blanket;

A new-born friend, that is very weak.

Searching for a replacement as time grows.

The river thaws, Winter ends, bringing  

Spring in poor conditions.  

Mud has encased the entirety of the water.

So thick, it is a disturbing smell, or it could

be you I think of so fondly.

Your booming voice has never been so clear;

Bringing a rain so soft,

it makes me tremble under its pressure

as you shed all my tears.
This is for class, let me know if you like it please :)
Jenna Sep 2019
Leaving me behind,
Soar, soar!

You selfish bird.
Spread your seeds;
Jenna Jun 2019
In the mountains,
we carve our hearts
The sun rising soon
Waiting for a melody
As we become in tune

Withering under the heat
Our love burns away
Like the webs spiders weave
Stringing our mistakes
The everlasting moment

Watching our hands prune
Dying with your last breath
Your soul flies over the moon
Casting a shadow over our heart
Vowing to never forget you

With this lovely little tune
If only, I could have loved you longer
Been a while since i posted something.
Jenna May 2019
You pick me up with your fingers
A hungry, dominant stare lingers
Pulling my limbs apart
Your mouth reeks with 'Sweetheart.'

In this lifeless state of wonder
Glazed by societal views, dragging me under
Clasped tight with no escape
Wanting to scream, '****!'
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