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Khushi Saha Sep 2019
Someone told me either you always win or lose a fight,
I asked,
Did you ever had one with your bestie!!
Khushi Saha Feb 2019
There is no 'friend'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a trap.
Khushi Saha Nov 2018
When the world was draped in the beauty of lights,
When the houses were lighted with colors so bright,
You took a path to darkness,to void.
When people were busy with crackers and light,
All that we got was tears to fight.
Strange are these rules of life,
Within seconds, mightiest becomes no less than a mite,
With heavy heart and teary eyes,
Wish you a great life ahead in paradise.
Rest in peace nani.
Khushi Saha Aug 2018
There is a place where i go whenever i feel like,
where joy dwells and happiness grows,
where i keep my treasures,my secrets and my cheers,
away from this world nowhere near.
The only place i can call my own,
where i am its queen and no one to fear.
Where everything is possible ,
with no wear and tear,
Peace here is no extreme,
which i proudly call ‘My Dreams’.
Khushi Saha Jun 2018
Hard are the days to spend,
When boundaries itself is boundless!
Khushi Saha Jun 2018
Chala ek aur parinda hawa ki jhonk me,
Anjan un uchaiyo se ,
Anjan apni manjil se,
bahar apni pinjodo se,
Dur apni ghoslo se,
Andekhi rasta me udhan lena chala,
Pehla pank fadfadne chala,
Unchaio ko chakne chala.
Khushi Saha May 2018
The distant dream,

Accept my greet,
The time has come for us to meet,
I won't fear you anymore,
Coz this time I won't rest,
Coz this time I'll give my best,
Coz this time i'll fight no fight,
Coz this time I'll have full right.

Longing to meet you,
Yours admirer.
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