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riri Oct 6
an out of body experience it was meeting you
looking into your eyes, lost in the endless shimmer they gave off
a single touch from you was like a touch from the heavens
sparks flying just from a single conversation
everything changed the moment i met you

just as quick as it happened was as quick as it was gone
you left and took a part of me with you
a part that i will never get back again
oh how i miss her
everything changed the moment you left

months go by and my heart still asks about you
deep down i always knew you were my soulmate
but it felt dramatic to say that, however now i know it's true
no one can ever make me feel the way you did
everything is different now
the thing is was a soulmate to you in your eyes? i think i know i wasnt, but it's hard to accept that. it's hard to believe that i was just another girl to someone who was once my whole world. now i became just like you, breaking hearts - but only because they just aren't you.
riri May 1
beneath the pit of my soul
a flame lacerates my skin
the anger, the frustration, the confusion
of you not being here anymore
when my gut told me for sure, that you were the one
i put the fire out but the ashes still remain
riri Apr 29
love is a scary game they say
but i was never scared to try with you
the story ended just as it began though
riri Apr 29
it's so hard to forget
someone i knew i would've fallen in love with
you ran away before anything could ever happen, but i know we would've been madly in love with each other
riri Apr 23
oh but every time you left
you took a piece of me with you
and now
that part of me is all gone
you just came back and left time after time, just to crush my heart every single time. now it's all gone and i can't feel that way again
riri Apr 16
you say you want me back and you're sorry for pushing me away
you were scared of getting hurt
and you felt an overwhelming amount of emotion while you were with me
you didn't know how to handle it

but as the days go by you miss me more and more
you wish you never let me go because you can't find the spark anywhere else
and because you know i was such a rare find
so you hate yourself for running away

but then i woke up.
it's always just a dream.
riri Apr 16
"i hate him"
but i still think about you, for some reason

"i never want to see him again"
i'm scared that when i see you again, it'll all come back

"he means nothing to me"
but you were everything to me
it's easier to hate than love someone who hurts you
riri Mar 4
the more i try holding on to you
the more my heart breaks
my love for you is screaming inside me and i'm trying to hold it in
because i'm not sure if you feel the same
did you mean all you said to me?
or has it just been a game all along
but if you do feel the same why can't we just be together? but if you truly felt that way you would have been with me by now.
riri Feb 23
but was the feeling ever mutual?
i fear that maybe you just never felt the spark like i did.
it's what's holding me back from moving on
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