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Where Shelter Apr 21
~for her~

I put up a 7 1/2 ft. chain linked fence to keep the ****** deer out
of the garden.

Secretly, I wonder, if I had the fence built
another half-a-foot higher,
could I’ve kept out the
no-longer-unimaginable disasters
life has seen
fit to shower upon me.

If I had it made solid,
instead of chain linked,
with barbs that nicked only me,
would have misery passed
me by, unable to peer inside,
my anonymity, being my personal
guardian and savior.

My garden’s yearly renewal,
comes by human effort,
but my wondering is unceasing,
it’s living ache, a perennial,
an evergreen hemlock,
that cannot be cut.

until such time, at last,
it chooses to cut me first,
and the garden retreats to its
aboriginal wild forest state, and
both our cycles are completed.
A True Story
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Jeremy hit the ball today
when he and I went out to play.
He hit it, oh, so far away,
a neighbor had to throw it back!

Jeremy hit the ball so hard
it flew into the neighbor’s yard
and caught the other kids off-guard;
they thought it was an air attack!

Jeremy hit the ball again,
above the sun, beyond the wind;
as we watched it soar and slowly spin ...
we gave high-fives for his awesome smack!

Keywords/Tags: baseball, hitting, backyard, child, children, childhood, kids, fence, neighbor, yard, play, air, home run, homer, high-fives
n jacob Nov 2019
What's best is what feels like home.

Stuck between two sides of the fence,
Like I wanna jump, but I can't.

Indecision has kept me here, posted.
Straddled between the heart and the head.
This picket fence appears to be the promises of good life.
But its just a stain of white deception, holding me...


Waiting to live.  

But I know what to do,
Choose the side that goes to my backyard.

Choose what feels like home.
My struggle with anxiety and indecision.
Jules Oct 2019
I'm on the boarder
Of losing my mind
What's with this guy?
Can you please choose a side?
Cuz I'm on the fence
With no more time
ogdiddynash Jul 2019
“still on the fence
about you being
a mortal man
or a God.”

well thanks for that,
and did I mention
it’s a fence style called
picket you put me on?

which I can attest,
makes me feel both
majestic & definitely humanistic,
cause a picket up one’s ****,
is proof still that this man,
unlike god,
has not lost his “touch”
so to speak...
Katie Feb 2019
They always say the grass is greener
On the other side.
I think they’re too scared to admit
That their own lawn
Is dead.
Shriveled brown grass, broken glass on the other side of that
Ugly white picket fence,
Holes wide enough for lies to pass through.

And to those who think their grass is, in fact,
Greener -
You forgot about that patch where your
Innocent little dog
(You might want to fix that.)

Even the rich folks up in their mansions on the hills
Don’t have perfect grass.
They usually spray-paint it that color.

Maybe they’re afraid that
If someone saw
Their wilted lawn, suffocated under fumes and expectations,
We’d shatter their fragile porcelain saying -
And their reputation
Of being greener.
Haruharu Jan 2019
Two fences, seperating me from the outside world.
Barbed wire, sharp razorblades.

I have an hour to breathe fresh air.
To get a sense of reality, to feel alive.

Eyes closed, in my mind I'm almost free.
No locks. No guards. No uniforms.

A brief moment. Silence.

And there it is, the sound that has defined me for years.

Cassie Jan 2019
I see the white picket fences
Even you have one
I worry I’ll never get mine

The fence I have is around my heart
I want someone to cut it open
But I’m afraid no one wants to

I’m afraid that I can never be loved
That no one will want to call me theirs
Maybe I try to hard
But I’m just being me

My mom says I’ll find someone
“You’re so beautiful” they say
Then why don’t I see that

I hope you can break down my fence
Open the gate and walk right in
But please close it behind you
And hopefully never leave
Anika Nelson Dec 2018
Truth is like a fence of barb wire.
Behind it lays a peony pasture.
Full of life,
And sanity.
In front, there lies nothingness.
An internal grief that will continually grow
Allowing one to become so numb to the truth,
They end up forgetting what it was to even begin.
juliet Nov 2018
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
these are the rules
i don’t make them
somebody is always going to be better than me
should i look up or down?
to the glowing sun
or the deep blue sea?
this is the blood, sweat, tears
of thirteen years
of hate and love for myself
this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the faking of my feelings
against who i am inside
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
in their ocean eyes i see the
future and in mine i see the past
in their hands i see pure bravery and
in mine i see brute strength and no control
and on their face i see and angel
on mine i see a spectre in
a twisted mask
that chips off
with every single one
of my tears
the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence
from this side of paradise
all you see is my broken heart
and your hands quickly sew it back
as another stitch rips.
the grass is always greener
when you are on the other side
because no flowers would ever grow
if never washed with rain
the moon is always brighter
when the sun is there to shine
on its beautiful, silver face
that would be hidden by our
shadows till it melted into
space. this is the breaking
this is the growing
this is the healing
this is the alpha
this is the omega
this is the end.
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