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Caitlin Oct 2019
In an instant you send my body into a fiery spell that burns me alive, your hand between my thighs, gentle touches.

You caress my body, soul and mind, watching me quiver with each touch from start to linger. Watching my eyes looking into yours deeper. Our souls joining together dancing in a timeless cosmic whirlwind of letting our guards down.
Isaac Aug 2018
if you could skip to the day
your dreams are finally true
would you be glad and say
i finally made it through
you would not say that
because you would know
you didn't have to combat
any struggles or undergo
the challenges that came
they connect you with mankind
you would quickly feel the shame
of missing the joy that can bind
your heart with other hearts
our battles join us as one
missing out on those parts
no great memories would be won
you would know you are a fake
and victory would lose its meaning
realizing skipping was a mistake
not as wonderful as it was seeming
be content living day by day
moments are sweeter than you realize
scooting passed time's natural way
is not as good as you may idealize
Written 23 August 2018
ElEschew Jul 2018
The sound of a sigh
From a lovers lips
It echos through the night
It reverberates through every cell
Creating a hum under the epidermis

Breathing gets heavy
The heart only speeds
When sweat forms on their skin
Adorn by salty appetence

This is the sweetest taste
Of lips on a secret place
Teeth clamped in skin
Lovers wrapped in sin
Bodies traversing what it is to couple
They'll lay quiet for quite a while
Bodies humming and hands intwined
Feeling forever  is this instant

Guiltless love
Uncontaminated by fear
They could spend eternity here
The day goes on
So do they
They hold forever
In their hearts and minds
Until after the end times
Mark Wanless Jan 2018
"Wake Up"

to wake up the joining
bear it for however long
stress    contraction    rest
to bear it into
Poetic T Aug 2017
Traversing in silent moments
where there was an eclipsing
of breath, caressing unspoken
words but everything silently

Nearly adjoining within each
others gravity, but still we were
shadowed by the others desires.
Collecting in the afterglow of

This was an eternity of moments,
a motion not to repeated in alluring
views, immovable, inseparable of
our inevitable paused

You were my star, I was your moon,
eclipsing with our gradual passing.
Enticing the other until for that brief
amount of time lips met and time was
pookie Jan 2017
The feel of skin on skin,
The feeling of clothes being pulled torn off,
The push of her hands to make me move,
The feel of her hands trailing over my body,
The tingle the leave,
The feel of luxurious lips kissing my skin,
The final push the gasp of pleasure,
The joining of two hearts and soul,
The glorious Ecstasy.

Have me i'm yours.
Take me i'm yours.
Own my i'm yours.

I'm Yours.
BubbleZee Jun 2015
When everything happens to you when you're so young, you're very lucky, but by the same token, you're never going to have that same feeling again. The first time anything happens to you - your first love, your first success - the second one is never the same.
-Lauren Bacall
Lauren Stead Jul 2014
I bend him.
bend him around me,
around my thoughts,
around my body,
I take his space and make it my own,
move him around my presence,
I integrate myself ,
gradually take control,
I move, he moves,
I dance, he dances,
it's an intricate step, easily tangled,
but keep the balance and everything shifts imperceptibly,
every action with its counterpart,
an island becoming one with the sea.
Elfor ECH Jul 2013
Our tears touch-
They mingle
And smear together,
Becoming one;

Tiny vials of our soul-
In the form of tears,
Each half empty,
Until they meet as one.

Our lips kiss,
Sparks fly,
To and from, joining,
Becoming one.

Our souls leap
To meet each other,
To send sparks,
To announce the union.

Tears we cry,
Kisses we give,
All are glimpses
Of our souls,

Finally meeting ever so
Slowly but surely
They mingle
And caress.

Yours and mine,
That have searched
For each other
For all time.

Let the tears flow,
Let the kisses rain,
For you have found me
And I have found you.

For our tears mingle,
Our kisses send sparks;
They speak to the heart:
You and I are Soulmates.

— The End —