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Elizz 5d
Sugary morsels

How original
And romantic
I sigh
For the fourth time

I think
That I would much rather
Spend my valentine's day
Counting the flecks
Of grey in their eyes

How many times I've heard this laugh
I don't have a disdain for this love
That I've acquired
How many unfinished letters


That they'll receive
Glass droplets
Containing every sweet moment

For the moments that haven't been so sweet
Mint for keeping cool
Most of the times
And talking things out

Sage for the fights that we've come back from
A greater sense of understanding towards each  other
Lavender laze
For sleepy mornings

Hazy nights
For one's delight

I am going to kiss the moon tonight
Happy Valentines day ya'll! Wrap before you tap! (It's also national ****** day)
Elizz Jan 25
One day
He Will stop loving me
The looks of love
Will turn to annoyance
My laugh will cause a grimace

My presence echoing
Off the dismal decayed corridors
I have not prepared
The egg in my chest for this

I've  never known how to

I've tried

But it's been like a lighting bug
That flew too far out of my reach
But at least it still has a light
I haven't broken the cement around the habits we've made

Tonight I've wondered if I should
With holding a last text
To a completely different person

Unsteady heart beats
I thought
For a second
That I had lost that familiar friend



A knowing smile

Here I lay
Lay me down to sleep

We stay awhile
Staring at each other
Nerve endings tingling
Through our brushed finger tips

A small smile
I haven't forgotten
This feeling after all
It hasn't forgotten

A small bloom
Forms on  lips
As quick as it appeared
It's gone with another tear
Elizz Jan 11
Featherlight suffocation
Leaden words weigh tongues down
Free range cage
Weary heart o mine

Sagging against restraints
Burning edges
I wish to tell you these words

Things you've already heard
Pressed into my vinly tongue
Scream the same three songs

1. I'm fine
2. We're fine
3. Our relationship is fine

Scalded skin
Boiling showers

To soak the worries away
To thaw out this anxiety
The insecurities
Its just me

Not everything seems
As polished as it was
Love still graces this heart
Love is a fear

Fear of fading
Falling out
Washing away
A castle crumbled by surf
Grains slipped
Mottled rib cages

Curled under a blanket
A sembalance of warmth creeping in
Mock comfort
Shells rattled by your breath

Turned over in these fragile hands
Committed to memory

As if it would be the last
Another sunrise
Another relief
A sight to hold dear
Throughout this day

Just inside the preferial
Of this skull
Just in my head
My head
My head

This fear that you'll disappear
Vibrancy  leeched out of this shell
Skin crisping

What if
You were
Never here

Just in my head?

The Last letter typed
Given form
To nightmares at the prow

How is it
So easy to breathe now
Elizz Dec 2018
Twisted veins
Horrors around the corner
Of this chipped maze
Filled with gaudy roots
Smiles towed down by fish hooks
Skin ripping
Almost like Swiss cheese
Eyelids sag down
Flesh stretches
Clothes shrink
Feeling smaller
A glass castle
Fractures that spread from a raised voice
Poised dagger
Over a beating vessel
A knife in their throat
Frayed fiber
What happens
When another octave is raised?
Elizz Dec 2018
In my room by the sea
I counted the minutes between
The water cascading over my roof
Tangled seaweed
Brine crusting lungs
Pieces flaking off every time I exhale
I used to hate the smell of the ocean
How it would burn my nostrils
Close up my throat
Sting my eyes
The sand rubbing my skin raw
A smooth eloquent mix of blood
But now
I'm fine
I've been down here so long
I don't have anything to go crazy about
The soothing noise of the sea
Has just become blank to me
Tugging tides
Frayed lines
I manage
To find solidarity
In these sea-foam lies
Dear me
How comforting
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