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Elizz Oct 2019

Ombre colored
           Pressed flush to bone

Hellions march
Witch tip  
        To cat tail

Rift n eager
           Expectations above meager
                                        Grammarly says this texts sounds dissatisfying


So upon couch I settle
Lights ground to the pestal
Twill flicker no more

So no knocks at the  door
Happy Halloween everyone be safe! (And aware Big Brother is watching)
Elizz Sep 2019
Often rather than not
We have been resting
Shovels patting earth

Locking  away unspoken deeds
For the specks of dirt know
Its time to ration air

Staving out
The most resilient
Packaging it away

To spot upon whom
Would  break stone first

Rescinding from whence it came
Curling back into joints

Pasting itself to the keys once more
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