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the sweetest things to say

grizzled and grumpy,
old poets,
be wary, woman
they know all
the sweetest things to say

they know to use them too,
so well, beware their wellness,
waters cooling they will sprinkle
in your holy places,
willingly make your wells

they are excellent
woman whisperers,
wise in the ways to talk-take
you inside, out of the sun,
and make you over heated,

just in the way exact
you truly see yourself,
granting the wishes you don’t tender
to anyone else, but the whispering angels,
hear all you want and grant you completions
in the way they say
the sweetest things

pity them, they have the insight,
the split tongue, to inside you
inside out, from outside they’ll come,
seeking all you have,
your inner wealthy they want,
not for greed, or useless using
not one bit

the sweetest things to say,
cannot help themselves,
the tricks they employ but tools
to satisfy the mutual melds
where need meets and the ganglia
intertwine and the synapses,
your mutual fireworks, explode,
in wine reds, blue sapphires, whiter diamonds,
ah the bejeweled colors of their words,
sugar cane and sweet *** perfumes to
themselves over and over
to know the love of the woman

was why the creator created them next to last,
for he saved them,
for his greater creation,

so keep them too close and far away,
for when they knocking come,
you will surrender sense and speech,
in payment for

the sweetest things they say,
I love you,
meaning every syllable true
John Shahul Nov 2018
What avails of this sidereal year?
If not my love with me ever.

What if the flowers spread and disperse?
Even they make the earth paradise.

What though sweetest your incessant loving be?
If now you're receding from me.

What lies behind your heart to reside far?
To me it seems all, you rift through the clouds like a lone star.
Is it a gentle pride?
It’s your fallacy my beautiful bride!

Afraid of your restless youth and irresistible trait,
I am drawn so close to you; so no one can drift us apart.
My thoughts in your mind should often come across
A timeless true love in your mind brighter than luminous stars
That you never forget.

Playing hot and cold never dishearten the resolute.
Give and take in love is an enchanted gift
Never drift away from true love otherwise pain will grow in rift.

Where have you been all this while?
Your sweet incessant love beguile.

Setting moon besets, between us flitting moments
Wretchedness came upon in disappointments.
The days, the moments and the years all unfetched begone.
All this time, our feelings had never lain dormant and forlorn
There you dear staring at me willingly,
Yet looking upon your grace continually.
Mary Frances Sep 2018
You are my forbidden fruit
- the sweetest sin
I repeatedly commit.
And I have no plans to stop
- because the heart that loves
will never go adrift.
A Jul 2018
You shook my hand,
Slept in my bed,
Took my t shirts
And never called back
I wonder what it means to sin
I lived you and knew it then
Take back those texts
And kick me again
Jumpstart my brain
Evaporate my insecurities
Sit on this beat with me
Let’s ride and ride until the end
For I always knew I loved you
From the moment you humbled me...again.

If I could take the failure,
What sweetest joy I 'll have!
I 'll, then, send a thousand deer,
At least! To tell my kind.

Antlers brought their messages;
They brewed a lot of them,
That Mother Nature asked me why.
"To live!" so I exclaimed.  

love is the sweetest seed
you'll ever plant in a heart
to make it enduringly flourish
tend it well from the start

love's blossom shall grow
into a beautiful array
an exquisite rouge rose
cherished for its display

Valentine the perpetual
gardener of endearedness
cares with a loving touch
profound in true closeness
Lure Pot Oct 2017
Hurting becomes kindness
If you give
Sadness becomes happiness
If you give
The words become a song
If you sing.

My end will be pleasure
If you live
My dreams will come true
If you keep smiling
Hurting becomes kindness
If you give.

Morning takes away darkness
If there aren't any clouds
Eyes can see the havens
If you want
Hurting becomes kindness
If you give.

I have known you are mine
After all I melt around you
I won't think about myself
If I am brave
Hurting becomes kindness
If you give.

I forget all of my mistakes
When you look at me
You can tell your secrets
If you have any
Hurting becomes kindness
If you give.
colzzmacdonald May 2017
I can have a billion cash in the bank
With houses all over
Cars with the highest rank
The finest clothes all swank
I would be poor

This degree of fulfilment only comes
From the joy in your soul
Heart beats like tender drums
Warmth of a million suns
Now, is that love?

Heaven is a different room away
I won’t step in there yet
From Moscow To Calais
Heaven is here today
As I’m with you

I’m not meagre in spirit anymore
Fruitful of core no doubt
Never lost like before
Like an eagle I soar
When you find me

You give to me the richest thing of all
Like honey to a bee
As stars form in nightfall
Pick me up when I fall
You give me love

You bring to me the richest love of all
When I hear your tender heart come to call
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