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Adriaan Harms May 2017
I'm a work of art, your protege.
You're my sculpture, my teacher.

I'm your troublemaker, your rebel.
You're my lover, my peacemaker.

I'm a poet, your songwriter.
You're my inspiration, my muse.

I'm a changer, a modifier of life.
You're my guide, my leader.

I was a hater, a freak.
You made me better,
An individual with a love for life and
A man of creativity.

You're the remover of hate,
And the replacer of love.

You saw me as I am,
As the person I was meant to be.
Piece by piece and step by step
You put back the parts of my broken self.

You didn't abandon me in need,
You didn't leave me when you saw the red flags,
You stayed,
You made me drop the anger and put up the surrender.

You took me in,
You loved me.
You made me see life in a way I never knew existed.

You love me now,
You'll love me always.
Forever till forever meets no end,
You're love knows no limits
And is meant to be eternal.
This is a poem about how much my boyfriend actually loves me and how much he has changed me in the time we were together...
Adriaan Harms Sep 2016
I see the ocean far,
Tides pulling back,
Tides spitting out.

I go near, for I felt interested,
But I fell in,

It's not the death that scares me,
It's not the dark.
It's the way.

I go deep into the watery pit,
Breathless and alone.

I swim and I swim, but I cannot get to the top.
It feels like a tide swallowing,
Swallowing deeper than my empty mind.

The struggle to get to the top is not working,
My hands stop moving,
My feet stop kicking.

My mind are supposed to go blank and black,
But the sentence appears,
I'm ready for death.

I died in my tears,
I cried so much,
I got so angry,
I felt so hurt.

I fell so deep,
Swallowed alone in darkness,
All I could think was,
I'm ready for death.
I write when I'm sad, and just like the tides, I spit out what comes in.
  Sep 2016 Adriaan Harms
dear love, you’re a liar
and nothing you’ve told me has been true
you’ve told me silly things,
oh, pretty things, too.

blue, blue, blue
that’s what i see when i think of you
i see blue skies and blue hearts -
i see the night, the early morning, the wishing-washing warning.

“and when we both look at the moon at exactly 11:52,
i’ll finally be next to you,
no longer separated by distance, but both seeing the same sight,
together, together, in the blue, blue night.”

oh love, you’re like art - you’re smart, in such ways i do not know.
but love, you’re a liar
and for you, i refuse to grow tired
Adriaan Harms Sep 2016
You can say you don't care
Or wish me away,
But I'll always notice your stare
When you really want me to stay.

Just go through the day
Pretending that everything is fine,
Just keep resisting to say
That you wish you were mine.

I know you want your feelings
To be hidden away,
But please then allow me to say;

You are my free verse love poem,
Not the rhyme,
Not the theme,
Not the time,
Nor the sceme.

You're my breath
Your my beat
You're my smile
And my C4.

You make me want more;
Love to give to you,
Smiles to return.
Heartbeats to increase.

You make me want more,
More than C4.

You are my free verse love poem,
Oh I'm so glad
That I know him.
I wrote this for him to know he's my everything, and I really am glad to know him. Just him.
Adriaan Harms May 2016
I have always stared,
At your anger and
Your fear, your smile
Or your tear.

Always would I have
Dared, to leave you
With your demon, but
Never have you asked
For the reason?

I will share the
Only glare for a
Second lasting stare
For the reason why
I leave you with
Your demon without the
Reason is...

I care.

Never have you allowed
For me to be
Proud of a little
Guy like you for
All I want to
Do is kiss you
'Till you're blue.

I have always cared.

I will keep my
Distance for the proof
Of my resistance, but
Don't come back to
Me if it didn't
Work for thee, for
All I will do
Is stare, for I
Will just be fair.

You were never there
In the time that
I have cared, now
You start to care,
And I will just
To that one person who broke something, and left it as it was. Only to return later and ignore what they have done.
Adriaan Harms Feb 2016
I see you now,
Looking at me through a broken window,
The stare,
A stare,


You saw my heart,
My thoughts,


Criticise me,
Talk behind my back, acting natural when I prepare a death glance.
You're better then me,
You wear prade shoes, high fasion make-up,
ONLY branded clothes.
But yet I have a perfect personality,
A way of being someone's favourite, without buying their respect.
Yet I know how to be a friend, not just a "made in china" barbie doll in a second-hand box.

You're better than me in every way,
Because you have money.

Money made you, right?
So let's see if it can take you away.

Just a dream of yesterday,
Thought you'd like some insight to my life...
Popular kids, they get what they want, but they have no sense of real humanity in them.
Adriaan Harms Dec 2015
Mary had a little lam,
With it's heart as black as coal.
What she didn't know,
Was during the night,
It came back and stole her pitch black soul.
With her last words on a paper to her mom,
"Look at me mom,
I'm dead and bleed freely,
I expected protection.
I wanted your affection.
I now expect you to drown in sorrow,
Unless you don't mind,
For a soul,
Your soul I must borrow."
She turned back in horror,
Only to find the sheep waiting,
With its ****** mouth and bleeding eyes,
It looked at her,
It smiled with pleasure,
For it could see her filthy lies.
It loved the smell, the look and taste of her mother,
So much so, that it couldn't wait to feed on poor Mary's baby brother.
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