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Nyx Jan 2019
Strumming string beneath the starlight
Of a newly crescent moon
Singing songs written for loved ones
Who seem to leave to soon
Better friends they sit around us
Painting portraits of me and you
To my loved one forgive
As I must bid you adieu
I wrote I longer version of this but I thought it was better just to leave it at this instead
hannah in spring Nov 2018
Come now, darling, take my hand
Alight the trampoline
We can do much more than bounce
That much you’ll come to see

We can lie down, side by side
Cool mesh against your face
Talk about life, love, and such
And dream of outer space

See the gleaming morning dew
Smell the morning air
Feel you lying next to me
Not sure if you’re aware

I like to be by your side
I love to see you smile
Lie with me on trampolines
Let’s stay here for a while
There's something inherently romantic about trampolines, is there not?
ry Oct 2018
Loving you is like
jumping on a trampoline
one winter morning
knowing that I
will land on broken ices
piercing my skin
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
Sometimes on days like these
I watch rain wash my skin like whispers
and it reminds me of you.
I remember when you taught me that the drops
splattering on your windshield like screams
(making it impossible to see
the impatient bloodlights in front of us)
were beautiful.
I couldn't hear you at first
from the ear-beating whip of your wipers.
Then with just one smooth, ink-like movement,
you silenced them...
and I sat in
as your eyes lit the falling tears on the
slowly diminishing glass-metal frame
that swathed us.
I forget when it disappeared...
but before I had the chance
to fashion your visage in my brain,
I was sitting naked in the rain,
letting you wash my skin
while you murmured sunlight in my ear.
This was written when I was 14 about my first boyfriend (and the man who ***** me), and was the first poem I wrote in free-verse. Despite the pain obviously attached to it, this remains one of my favorite self-written works.
Sammy Durrant Sep 2016
picture me of dirt and
    relieve yourself and watch it and be pleased
    and return to the trampoline
AmberLynne Mar 2015
I'm said it before,
written it before,
                                we have an easy love.
The kind you just
back in to,
like children tumbling
backward onto a trampoline,
lungs bursting with laughter.
And they never fear the fall
because they know
they'll be caught and
bounced right back up.
And let's be honest,
the exhilaration of the fall
is half the fun.

— The End —