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Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
Every day is new
the age-old sun
mints in sniffing
a blossoming fragrance
off nothing just off
the soil, a pure earth!

Deep inside of this
hallowed turf is a
a perfumed earth:
A rose in the heart!
Poetic T Jun 2018
I sit here whistling Dixie sitting down ,
                  a concerto of noises sang out.
No smoking signs loiter the walls,
                  for obvious reasons it has
a picture of a posterior with:
              "No naked flames allowed"

Then there is the score board,
               Legend the hardest to claim.
For that score you have to clear out
not only the downstairs, but wake
those upstairs from slumbering sleep..

Me I'm a boaster, that's when the doors
shut, and all I hear from the sitting room
down the hallway is:
                                    "YOU ******"

Let me just tell you that air freshener
                               is not in my home.
Do you know the smell of both mixing,
lets just say never spraying that again.

Some sit and think, some even sniff there stink.
Me I just read a few pages of a novel on page 163,
we all have our routines  but me I mostly
sit here whistling Dixie sitting down,
                             as concerto of noises sing out.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Buy it in pieces,
to get to Jesus.

Let it flow,
to get the snow.

Put it in rows,
to get it in the nose.

Sniff the outdated,
to get elevated.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2017
I sniffed a smell of your rose.
Oh, you know what?
It’s enough to thrill the bone.
Just leave a scent in the air
and pop in, take your turn
into a new buzzing world!
Lily Catalini Apr 2015
i want to walk this bomb field
without hitting the bombs
no dog with me this time
to sniff them out
Daylight 4U2C May 2014
Two little monkeys jumping in a tree,
one fell out and looked at me.
He gave me a sniff,
and glory be,
I ran with monkeys chasing me.

— The End —