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Lily Catalini Apr 2015
i want to walk this bomb field
without hitting the bombs
no dog with me this time
to sniff them out
Lily Catalini Apr 2015
i feel my world is falling apart
like a crumbling cliff
the world is against my being
i'm unwanted
every move is big decision
every word is pondered for an eternity
keep calm and carry on is not option
does calm exist?
Lily Catalini Apr 2015
Have you ever been asked if you wanted something?
for water,dessert,money,cloths or for a session of adventuring,
or cheese.

Did you reply yes with glee
or reply no with ease?
how would you reply to cheese?

You reply a yes with joy
but then they employ
that what you wanted isn't there,

you feel as though you have been led astray
led to a depressing day,
they said they had cheese.

but the cheese was not there
for your salad was left bare.
how could this happen to you!?

All you wanted was cheese
its simple you see
that is all you wanted...

They didn't have cheese for my salad
such actions are not valid
my poor salad.

— The End —