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Leifa Oct 2020
Like the first inspire of brisk, waking air.
The climbing Carpathian lantern of day.
I sip on tender herbs and taste the gentle stems
Of sensations gone astray.

I feel an awakening.
prim' Sep 2020
There was a witch
In the meadow near the forest
Living in a tiny house
With walls of woods
And roof of grass

There was a witch
Dressed in black
Picking Chamomile,
Sage and Thyme,
Rosemary, and Mint and Chives

There was a witch
Dancing in the night
When the moon was high
And the stars all out
Singing a song that no one knew

And I couldn’t help to wish to be that witch
For she lived happy and simple
your green eyes were as the mint

which gives good smell

and satisfy inner soul

let your sad out

throw it with your happy

and told yourself with confident

if the morning comes

the dark sure escapes
thetime is short when lovers talk and approach. let us forget our hate and face our enemy
Poetic T Apr 2020
Unblemished kisses,
      woven upon her  fragrance.

I close my eyes and we connect,

                 I then pull away and giggle.

"Why are you laughing...

I can taste your toothpaste!!
           She blushes with a smile,

And we continue..
Katerina Landon Mar 2020
I have this melody in my head
It is real, you can actually listen
It sometimes makes me wish I was dead
And then others it feels like I've actually risen

To the stars and pulled back I was thinking
How much
I would want to see you.
Over there on the side of the road, standing.
I'd pretend you were looking at me when it actually was

And I'd wait for this dream to be gone but it wouldn't
And I know that I actually shouldn't,
But I'd go to you in that moment of fearlessness just to see you closer a little bit.

What is the true colour of your hair when you stand in the sun?
What is the shade of your skin under all that tan?
What's the colour of your eyes when you're looking at me?
Do your lips taste like mint cup of tea?

Do I have to wake up from this dream?
Can I please stay.
Dream Fisher Jun 2019
I'm too young to feel this old,
Mentally too old to be his young.
Took a shotgun to my pillow
And told the dreams that I was done.
I stopped buying breath mints
So the devil might stop trying to take my breath,
I stopped believing in church when
They they denied the only saint here left.
I'm sure in your religion I'm going to hell,
But in mine, it's only the hipocritical who fell.

I've had my fair share of brushes with death
Painting me into this man
But her I am, standing tall enough,
To help you stand.
I've been paying this life forward,
In a karmatic effort to see old age
And laughing at how silly it must sound
To hope I can live long enough
To be broken down.

I'm not sure of very much,
But I hope to keep dancing
'Oderint dum metuant. Atreus, Books III–V "De Ira", I, 20, 4.'

They unwrap me like candy
Peeling, stripping flesh and sinew carelessly

Rice paper thin boldness dissolving
Melamine tinged shifting unsettled smiles

I grin back at them sweetly,
Teeth and jaw, bare bone beaming white

They have made me no more but the refreshing whispers of wrappers
Now, I am the nothingness that they cannot destroy
White Rabbit taffy and Polo mints are popular childhood candies in my native Malaysia (and my personal favorites as well). White Rabbits are milk flavored candies wrapped with an edible rice paper layer, the dairy used to make the taffy was contaminated by Melamine during the 2008 Chinese milk scandal; many governments deeming it unsafe for children to consume. The Latin above reads 'Let them hate, so long as they fear'
死者 Jan 2019
i left my toothpaste at home on purpose
i went to your house for fun
you looked so nice
longing stares
it's time for bed
oops i forgot my toothpaste
can i use yours
yeah? thanks
oh, so you use mint flavor?
i changed from bubblegum to mint after
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
i'm different
i'm not like everyone else
which is a very important thing to remember
no one else is like me
most girls want roses
and milk chocolates
on first dates
but if you really want to please me
bring me sunflowers
and mint chocolate
and if you know that
then you have the key to my heart

just expanding a short poem i wrote
lovelywildflower Oct 2018
bring me sunflowers and mint chocolate
on our first date
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