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OpenWorldView Apr 13
Oh, my lover

I pin you to my chest
Starting off red
Let’s push it hard

Mind and body
I lay it all at your feet

Oh, to be your stunning bride
Cut me down with your silver knife
Ease myself into a body bag
A big bone shaker

Prove it to me
Made by combining one single line from each song on her album 'Dry' (1992)

(Oh My Lover)

(O Stella)

(Happy and Bleeding)

(Plants and Rags)

Abby M Dec 2018
Trees smearing past the window
Other cars streak past with snarls
Snippets of vitality springing forth before receding behind
A man cleans his car
Preparing for your now
But then he's gone
A girl grabs for papers in your breeze
You should help but she's already gone
A dog's barks precede
And then recede
Before your ride slows and the barks are not quite gone
At a stop and with a click
Dismount and leave the metal ride
Cc Oct 2018
G: What is on your mind?
B: Nothing. Absolutely zelch.
G: =(
B: Except you're awesome! =]
Still technically a haiku?
Hannah Jane Call Oct 2016
But how can I see if there's too much smoke?* she pleaded, latching onto my arms with thorny tenacity.
How can you complain when you create that smoke yourself? I combatted question with question, ******* snow into the grey nosy wisps.
It's your fault. Liquid roses dripped to the snow.
Steam kissed the smoke.
**I know.
Hannah Jane Call Oct 2016
Because of me.* She let me stand, snow falling off my bare legs like a shower of ash. Because of us.
What us is there left to lie about... My legs tensed to run. **Who can lie about what is in plain sight?
Hannah Jane Call Oct 2016
No, she breathed, melted snow dripping from under her eyelids like a fountain of frost. *No.
Feelings can lie. But, my head swirled as I stood suddenly,**Why would I?
Hannah Jane Call Oct 2016
Oh really?* interrogated her cunning eyes, Speak you the truth?
Doubt what you will, mine glowered in return, the ice melting to fragmented liquid between my fingers. **But truth and desire are the same thing, no?
abs Dec 2015
Everyone else is sad
and it piles up,
one after another,
until the energy that binds the world
can no longer take it.
abs Dec 2015
If I die of sadness tonight
Then it's only you to blame
abs Dec 2015
You were ******* lovely
And then you're not
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