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A M Oct 2018
Pluperfection of the past
A passive exists yet not to be
King to corruption to the loved
Dogma in the barbarian’s anarchy

New pages to fill
Old ways to rebuild
A birth irreplaceable by mockery
The earth salted yet again

Superimposition ex hollow, hallowed knowledge.
Power in our holy heresiarchy
Fire in the humble hearts of our pious clergy
Closure in our medial devotions

Nocturnality, of the space between passivity.
Thoughts of past and future orders.
Magnificent putrefaction of our holy books
Together beyond the demon-blinded sun
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
Every day is new
the age-old sun
mints in sniffing
a blossoming fragrance
off nothing just off
the soil, a pure earth!

Deep inside of this
hallowed turf is a
a perfumed earth:
A rose in the heart!
Rose May 2018
This hallowed ground we stand on
was built on lies,
and I can’t pretend I don’t see it shaking.

There was more to me,
and more to you.

This was a gift,
a blessing to be treasured;
now all we’re digging for is rust.

I thought there was more to you,
but you’re just a plane jane,
wrapped in gold.

Should’ve know these lumps held lies,
but I pretended these holes weren’t made by bullets,
you unleashed.

My sacred love,
is now resting in its grave
as you carve out one more hole,
for me.
love can die so quickly, be taken for granted: when it should be treasured.
Poetic T Oct 2017
Hallowed carcasses

Shallow graves
                         vacant ...
Caroline Lee Feb 2016
Back on the loop past my old flame's house again
I sleep in and I show up late because I can't get you off my mind
Between failing friendships and endless gap years I feel like there isn't much of my heart left
But I'm still here
And I cry but I don't talk about it anymore. The people I love are a text message and 45 short miles away
But I'm too scared to cross the distance
Emotional or physical I'm too ******* scared to even ask for prayer
Singing out hymns to an estranged father imortalized in memories from last year and in the gruesome images depicted in stained glass windows,

Hallowed be this place in me.
Hallowed be the space in between my ribs.

 and my brother is a gospel singer to a basement full of people who are just as scared as I am
And He rides the crowd like Jesus walked on water
He lifts his hands caught in the same spirit that torments the angels and demons alike
And maybe god hears him screaming through the walls like I do
Maybe god cries too
But if he does he does a good job hiding it
And my parents are on the continent that I turned my back on a year ago.
I traded family dinners for a decomposing raft and tried my luck at the sea
Only crossing the water to drink wine and share the communion of post apocalyptic dreaming or political warfare we are so horrified and mesmerized by
The fellowship of the modern day saints,

Hallowed be this place in me.
Hallowed be the hole in my head.

Icehead baby don't you come to close to me
I'm friged baby I'm too far gone to see
And I've been dreaming about summer while I've been reading up on life in Antarctica
Cold tundras and odd communities I could work in maintanince for the price of living
Meanwhile I'm surviving my own tundra the endless night never gives way to sun for seasons on end
And my friends grow wings and fly into the sun
 a thousand variations of Icarus they're going to be dead and gone on while I'm still landlocked in concept
Or in orbit far in space
Wherever I am, I am distant
Living on the memories from years past
So I'm driving the endless loop past an old flame's house again
Connecting the dots between my ideas of dependency space and time
And I'm fine
In love with the seclusion of the towering trees
The security of a prolonged gap year
The warmth of the ice in my head
And as the roots of the divine cover my mouth and bloom in my lungs
I sigh and give into my year of hibernation.

Hallowed be this place in me
Hallowed be the expanse of this space.
Pessimistic yet at peace. I'm taking an extended senior year and I'm not really okay with it but it's alright I guess. Going through some things. Also listen to Icehead by Alex G, it's brilliant and beautiful and everything I need right now.
Talarah Shepherd May 2014
I fall along with your plans I fall along with your ward I fall along with your walls
I wonder was there ever connection to sever cross this collective expanse of years?
Or was there no love with to begin your hallowed bond?

Hallowed, hallowed
Devil, my brother, will you permit room to breathe?
Oh, I so wish you'd leave no room for Jesus.

— The End —