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Arlen Feb 24
Whenever I needed you
You faded away
When he insulted my identity
You let his words stay

You said you support me
Then why wouldn't you speak
Why when he said his venom
Were you suddenly meek?

I thought you were my friend
But now I'm letting you go
If you won't defend me
Then you're someone I no longer wish to know
Good riddance
Zywa Feb 21
With a clean duster,

the maid goes around the house --

waving like a queen.
Novel "Fury" (2001, Salman Rushdie), chapter 14

Collection "Low gear [2]"
Francis Oct 2023
Someone told me,
To water my own grass,
But what they neglected to mention,
Is that my grass is crass.

This is due to my unfortunate past,
Every minute spent kissing ***,
To be walked on and trampled by,
Boots and heels of brass.

So no, I will most certainly not,
Water my own grass,
The thoughts and evaluations,
Of the judgment I pass,
Is necessary and voluntary,
In a sea of largemouth bass.
Another poem about judgment of character since I’m always in defense.
Zywa Jun 2023
I despise myself

for everything I can't do --

like other students.

Novel "Kind tussen vier vrouwen" ("Child between four women", 1972, Simon Vestdijk, written in 1933), § 7, page 316

Collection "Inmost"
Zywa Mar 2023
Talking and joking,

with you, here, at my home, but --

it's not a visit!
For Maria Godschalk

Collection "On living on [1]"
kiran goswami Mar 2021
I like women's day.

It is the only day,
When men finally respect women

For 24 hours straight.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I was in a two world collision  
on a twofold page
enclosed by the book of politically correct

I don’t go by a hedonistic phrase
but by the future of a humanity gone unsaved
Showed me the way in every choice
I made
Swift decisions
into future visions

By the agency of existence for the barriers standing as truth
What is integrity? Perception
In the eyes of you and me  

The crackling sparkles of glass clinking
when we say cheers

This journey is only a conversation in tangled forms  

And the beauty of it; misinterpreted  

There is a path of misunderstanding between the selves  
Bold and timid
Harmed yet relentless  
Precise in its impact
Churning substance into form

The reality of what we believe in a single word  
The silence of motion  
Doing the best we can to discover who we are
Gains a lifetime in the moment  

of confronting the new and answering time
I’ve learned from the ghosts of my past errors
The presence of the now is the acceptance of revelation
An exchange of meaning is not only of ideas  
but of the freedom one allows oneself to feel from a life made into meaning
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
I thought I knew your words
It was like knowing anybody out there  
A blank page in the book of Proverbs

Bait and switch without the wisdom
But you didn’t know what you brought
Soulless protection to fear
You called
me a scared little girl
Little did you know
I was my own savior

What is it you said I needed?
A so-called enlightenment?
But who knew your darkness wrapped *** magik
Could save vulnerability and attempt to destroy the authentic luxury of me
No. Only fake love in lust can do that
For lust is loss and I’m not gone

Then there was you and me again
That night unveiled me
The unevolved me
Still I knew
I was going to make it out alive

I am here.
Sometimes we truly must experience the strange,  the unhealthy, the unwanted, the unnecessary, the potential threats to our emotional safety and well-being if we are to understand the essence of resilience and healing. We don’t always know how or why or even expect ourselves to fall into those situations with others, but when we break free of them, truly break free mentally and physically, with the support and inner strength we all have within, our outer world will dramatically change to reflect the new being we have become through it and for ourselves. You can do this. Believe and break free of anyone who may be chaining you to a false reality not meant for you. That is the only way that you will begin to change yours and the one you wish to see. You deserve the best. Do it for yourself as the creator you are.
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