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ghost Jun 2021
as morning bleeds into night
every moment is a struggle a fight
together I believed we could make it right
with each other, we shone so bright
suddenly you are the shadow to my light

I wrote for days now papers are left white
I wish something that I write
might make me feel alright
ghost Apr 2021
that broken
and empty shell
just moves
by itself
through  the
same emotions
again and again
like a pre-programmed machine
completely unaware
that its other half
is already somewhere far far away
that's what I love about the mind
as long as you remove all voices
but your own,
there doesn't exist a boundary
you cant overcome
but even that is easier said than done
as limitless as the mind can be
it can also be an endless prison
  Apr 2021 ghost
I used to be so weak
Only strength I had was to lie and weep.
I cried alone, until the noises collectively made a song.
Melodic lullabies as if I were once a baby.
I never was though,
and that's so crazy.
ghost Apr 2021
we try to escape demons by hiding away
and locking ourselves in our rooms
but what are we to do
when the demon follows us home?
people feign ignorance
and happiness is a trick of smoke and mirrors
when the stage is cleared
all that's left
are the scars
ghost Apr 2021
I feel as though loving me
Induces the same feeling
As work does

I feel like you
Can’t wait to go
Home and escape that crazy mess

I feel like I was always
Given a two week notice
Right before they leave

I feel like it always
Feels like its all a

And I know it is,
I understand,
I feel like that with me too

So I am sorry
I made you feel that way,
ghost Apr 2021
The seed inside the warm soils
Peering up to hug the sunrise
Water and air covers the boil
As it shoots up to the eye

Crawling to the ladders of the Sun
Spreading the wings of green
Digging into the shallow one
To stand taller than ever seen

As decades soared to the skies
It stood as bushes and bark
Sleeping into the land of the rise
Deep inside the dark
ghost Apr 2021
The only thing I can see
is the darkness.
The world without colors.
A dark tunnel without a light on the end.
I try to hide,
so no one can see me.
I don't feel anything.
Like I'm dead
But I know that I'm still alive.
I want to scream,
but nobody would hear my calls for help.
I cry myself into sleep
and try to forget about my life,
but I can't.
I'll never forget it.
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