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ghost 11h
moonlight pranced
upon immaculate sheets.

toasting hallelujahs
to unprecedented adieus.

miraculous orchestra
paraded between
enveloped keepsakes.

scents of yesterday
dissolved under my cavity.

ambitious pungency,
held me hostage,

mourning unreachable memoirs,

      ~within a pathetic presence
                    pleading desperately over

                                    crowded cemeteries.
ghost 16h
Life is a strangling hand
A dusty road that leaves
specks of brown dust in eyelashes
Stains on ruddy cheeks and sleeves

The past pinches like
a lobsters' black claw
The path towards the horizon
has thorns that lash like strange jaws

The now is a tide of color
washing in and out
like breath in the lungs
twisting green and quickly draught
ghost 5d
Exciting morning
A true, destiny walking
out of entity.
a haiku
I said, I love you.
Your silence was deafening.
I kept saying shh, shh, shh.
You can't make this promise,
you can't betray your heart.
I die that night. Shh.
  7d ghost
you looked at me
with the same
cosmic adoration
you shared for the stars
and i found a new home
in your sky
i can count on my fingers
the times in my life that
i’ve felt truly beautiful

moonlit skinny dipping
with you last night
was one of them
ghost Jan 9
now lived
through an actual
plague &finally understand
why Italian Renaissance paintings
always have couches with

fat naked people

laying on

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