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You wanted words?
Well here you go!
So watch what you're spreading,
Take care what you sow-
Because some of us aren't willing
To take a knee in your crap;
Some of us have worked hard
To be where we're at.
And I hope you get behind that-
Change your ways, make it right;
Because I won't be here the next time
To listen to your tripe.
After all,
I don't know you,
But you tried slander on for size;
Buried my morning
Under a mountain of lies.
I've had enough!
And I think it's high time
To make a decision,
to make up your mind-
About what kind of person
You d rather be-
The kind who grows up?
Or the ******* I see?
I wish you the worst,
There was no reason for this!
Unless, by a miracle,
There's something I missed-
Like a problem you had,
That you've said nothing about-
Some stupid concerns
That you can't even spit out?
It's not my problem.
I really don't care,
What you do with that black soul
And head full of air.
All I know is I'm ANGRY!
All I feel is DESPAIR.
And if you're going to hell,
I won't see you there.
Yenson Sep 2018
It Thursday and it's gunfights at Reds Dumbos OK Corral
Them motherf--kers have got their fingers on the triggers
Triggers of fake news and delusions made by liarsmith for'all
Put on your blindfolds nutcases an let's have reddy fingers
We rule in this corral and oppose Lone Wolf with lead walls

There ain't no Sheriff in this madtown cause we run the show
Lawless Reds and Morons Shepple Gangs we're ****** known
Fast on our triggers made by Lies Scams and Nonsense in Bow
Lets go make believe we oppose what is not happening in town
We will haze the people and tell them this is how power flows

We are Criminals, thieves and hooligans but just say Politicians
Yell that Lone Wolf is the bad man and we gotta f--k his mind
No jobs, no woman, no loving, no joy and peace just perdition
****, Lone Wolf is too good a man and we can't let that be found
People like him always do well and that ain't our f--king tradition

On your horses Reds and Morons Shepple Gangs we go to war
We have to bring this Saint down or our ******* give us nothing
We fight for *******, drinks, beds and look tough men at the bar
Fire those triggers and make saps think our scam is something
We make up false stories and get those mugs acting stupid on par

Now ain't that a hoot, We are the Reds and morons Shepple Gang!
We rule this City with Lies, scams and roll..........

[email protected]
"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln
Asonna Aug 2017
Smear my name through the dirt,
I know it's what you do.
Told me I had to learn how to trust,
but tell me, why trust you?

The inconsistency in details.
The straight up blatant lies.
What stories must you tell
to make them see your side.

I don't think you realise,
how much your actions hurt.
I've been here in this place before,
more than you probably think.

I never told you all my stories,
I kept them to myself.
So to you i must seem like a *****
But I promise that I'm not.

2 years goes by and I still wonder
what your life is like.
But then I remember the slander
and suddenly I'm alright.
I was made to feel small.
But I am a better
Person that you think
I will  rise above
Your canny remarks
eleanor prince Jul 2016
two men sat fishing
by a village stream
one short
one tall...

Short Man:
I think he's wrong
to chat to kids
leave them alone
there is no need

Tall Man:
What have you there
your venal mind
has lost the plot
there is no deed

Short Man:
No man has kids
who like him so
it must be bad
let's cast our vote

Tall Man:
No issue here
we're always there
he's not alone
I'll have you note

Short Man:
They tell him stuff
we never hear
why don't they talk
to us instead

Tall Man:
You're busy mate
you shut them up
and all you do
is keep them fed

Short Man:
It's just not done
the kids all flock
they see a saint
could be a threat

Tall Man:
The Lord himself
had kids mill 'round
for he was good
no need to fret

Short Man:
It's true I s'pose
that's different though
a Son of God
can do it right

Tall Man:
So all of us
imperfect souls
can only lose
the moral fight?

Short Man:
Of course it's not
as clear as that
just can't abide
if kids get hurt

Tall Man:
Well that's okay
but blacken not
a decent man
by throwing dirt

Short Man:
I'll flog him to
an inch of life
if we would hear
he's crossed the line

Tall Man:
You know I loathe
all deviant ways
be careful though
for he's benign

Short Man:
I hear you man
my thoughts run wild
we mustn't see
it black and white

Tall Man:
Imagine if
he's told this sh-t
to slander hear
how would that bite

Short Man:
You have a point
not all are bad
some have more time
than most townsfolk

Tall Man:
I've heard he steers
them to the good
he's simply not
a usual bloke

Short Man:
You're right my friend
you've pulled me up
an honest man
we should defend
you may enjoy seeing the pic I selected from Flickr for this:[email protected]/
Maple Mathers May 2016
Not prison, nor killed,
But his memoir's fulfilled
He named me Ann Williams
Amidst hints he instilled.

His fact is our fiction - demurely disguised.
Bad move, Tomas Gregory
You're tied to your lies
Unwise, catalyzed

Your pathetic demise.

Gang ***** in Aspen:
The personal account of an innocent man, savaged by American injustice.*****-Aspen-personal-injustice/dp/0984940111

how bizzare; how bizzare
MsAmendable Aug 2015
Battered whispers of fake truths
Snarl through innocent ears
And bend unwilling hearts.
It's a song as sweet as poison
And bitter as glass eyes.
Noandy Apr 2015
The postman boy
Has gotten weary of the stories told
Wrongly by dear Oblivia on the yards
Every morning.
The postman boy comes for
The warm-hearted letters of distance sons
But on his hands are letters of slander and
coalition he did not fathom.
Megan Nov 2014
I am the wolf
hidden in their skin.
I will never be them.
I will never fit in.

And the sheep speak slander.
Their words are venom.
Driving me towards
my life as a phantom.

And it's sick
That we carry such thunder.
When in all that I wanted
I was never a wonder.

And to eyes that see me,
to the eyes that look over
I still go unnoticed
As easily as the four leaf clover.
Frank Ruland Nov 2014
"Slinging slander in sheer desperation"

You level our lives with lies
while looking us in our eyes,
in fear of finding your own demise.

"Daring to cast damnation with no deliberation"

So bold as to render us cold
with tales and fallacies you have told
in an attempt to sell sinful lies you want sold.

"We suffer immolation upon the stake"

We stand and burn in the flames
of a world where we're rendered depraved
by your whispers so grave.

"Berated by blasphemy from a soul so fake"**

We fall to our knees in the dirt
while the stones you cast hurt
us with the accusations you assert.

— The End —