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Ingram Jan 28
Looking out over a Mountain View
was my idea of escaping.
But my feelings of
my shortage of happiness,
and my lack of love
only grew.
It wasn’t an escape.
It was emotional poverty with a view.
Ingram Jan 24
I cleansed the knife
you stabbed in my back
and cauterized
my bleeding wounds
with it.
Ingram Oct 2020
Im not sober tonight
laying alone in my bed.
Because I’m drunk
on the memories
of what we were
and overdosing
on the thoughts
of what we will never be.
Ingram Oct 2020
My mirror reflects someone
I don’t recognize
but I love her
and I respect her
more and more
Ingram Aug 2020
Uncensored thoughts
Bleed from my pen
as your name marks the paper
yet again.
Ingram Aug 2020
I give you permission
to eavesdrop on my mind.
Because my words are stuck
in prison feeling confined.
I want to spill it all out
but that’s not how my brain is designed.
So please
eavesdrop on my mind
And help me decipher
the secrets being intertwined.
Ingram Aug 2020
I may never find the words
strong enough to explain
how you have made me feel
by pushing me away
and leaving me to drown
in this pool of loneliness and pain.

....I love you too, Mom....
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