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Ingram Jun 25
I am
Who I am
As I am.
Ingram Apr 26
I remember putting on my white dress,
trying to hold back tears from stress.
I knew deep down that I never wanted to walk down that aisle,
but my feet kept moving with a perfect, fake smile.

I put all my faith in God above,
and I even prayed to feel His love.
Because all I wanted was to do the right thing,
and I truly believed that getting married to a man would fix everything.

One year later I am back where I started,
but this time with divorce papers feeling cold-hearted.
I never wanted it to end this way,
and how naive of me to think I was strong enough to stay.

Now I just want to hug my mom while I cry out,
but she is disgusted with the fact that I came out.
I am filled with tears of hatred and shame
because I lit up my life with an irreversible flame.

I asked for this.
I asked for all of this.
Ingram Feb 12
The space between us
is substantially bigger,
and your tight grip  
is no longer pinned to my emotional trigger.

You knew that in the past
I would have jumped off a ledge for you,
but now I am strong enough
to say ***** you, too.
Ingram Feb 12
I’ve been trying to string words together
in hopes a poem will be the result,
but all I have is a page of scribbles
as it laughs like an intellectual insult.
Ingram Feb 12
First Addiction.
Then Agony.
Now Anxiety.

First Deceit.
Then Defeat.
Now Depression.

First Apologetic.
Then Ashamed.
Now Alone.
Ingram Feb 12
I had the choice to choose
and what I should have chose
wasn’t what was chosen.

As a result I lost
what I didn’t want to lose
And I have to deal with the loss,
of you.
Ingram Jan 6
Day 285
I am rocking back and forth
trying to fight this temptation
because my vices are tired of
Experiencing Starvation.
Day 1
I tried, I really did
But here I am again
It’s never a matter of if,
It’s only a matter of when.
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