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Dibakar Ghosh Jun 2020
A day seems so brighter
When I can peek at her
Through the lost lorgnette
Draped under those crimson shades
Just for that very appealing smile,
That keeps me alive
To hold me Keen deep inside
As My love to her is a roaring fire.

Whenever I wither for my broken desires,
Her very presence holds
Some enchantment deep inside,
Which animates my shattered soul
In a blink of an eye.

Though she's all I ever accomplished
Or will ever desire or dream of.
Her every bit of essence
In my incoherent life,
That make me whole within,
Without every bit of those,
I'm no more,
Cause she's all that I ever live for.

She's my red rose filled with no thorns,
Yet I never know why her I ever chose.
Guess that's the way how my heart rolls,
That make me go baffled,
All night long.

Yet her every bit of picture,
That rolls ahead of my avid eyes,
Still I'm just too scared,
To let her know,
How I feel for her every now and then,
In fear of one hope,
If she ever knew that I cared
With my heart all along,
Will she ever yield
To my every bid of proposition
That I ever hold.

But after all I ever been through,
One thing that's been straight
In my head for so long,
No matter how much hard I ever try,
The ecstacy for her that builds within,
Will stay unrequited
Whether I hop in or not,
Still this love will stay undivided
For eternity and beyond.
Dibakar Ghosh Jun 2020
A time which came by,
Drove me to those insane places
Which I never came across
In this life or beyond afterlife
Like the old ways cease to exist
May be it's time to let it by
And live past every possibilities
Which clench my fervours
Sealed in a cage for a while

May be it took a lot of time
To change my mind
To be a better part of your life
May be it's time to let go
Those every bit of chimes
Which we kept on clinging
For every second of our life

May be it's time
We were running out for a while
And the clock's clacking tick-tock
Like every ounce of my blood
Dripping out of my veins
Like a never ending rain for a while
To efface every bit of mutilation
Which led me everytime to our dreadful past
That I can never reminisce
For the rest of my life

Those minutes which we lived past
Every day and night
Which can never last till perpetuity
Hit our pesky state of mind
Like the sun can never collide with the moon
No matter how hard this universe tries
To make them fall on line
As my soul breathes darkness
Whenever I cast my shadow to live by
May be it's time to forage a shade of gleam
To give my life a new intention
To be vivid within

The love which we had for each other
Which was deeply growing for a while
But was fragile deep inside
And entirely hoax outside
Still you blame me without a blink of an eye
May be it's time to set those hopes on fire
To never live by those false accusations
Which kept our lives under the shed of deception
Like the **** and bull story without any perception

That's what we call life
And May be it's time
To live for a little while!
Dibakar Ghosh Jun 2020
Life of millennials are so juvenile
A day they walk down the stars
A night they run through a beaconof light
Encircled by a drape concealing darkness
To baffle those minds with no clue left aside
With no hope to survive
Either to curb those filthy signs
Or to get chucked in broad daylight
Is this how those spotless minds
Keep their body & soul together
With lies and iniquity all together .

Life's so miserable and impolitic
All we do around is so hasty
With a bunch of ethics to live by
All we do to turn Equality upside-down
With a flock of literates heading through
Under the norms of monestry
All we do to be a cannibal out of misery
Is this how we dream of a paradise,
Where there's no humane ilk left in human minds.

What if a girl wants to live her life
And breathe the air under no ties
What if a lassie wants to be a bit sassy,
To fulfill every yearnings that come by
And to be around those masses
Who makes her feel devine.
What if a wife wants to outlive that happiness
Which she craves round-the-clock
Even after she pampers indubitably
Every requisite her spouse endures.
No matter what she contemplates,
Alas! Those desires land to oblivion.

This generation never fails to stagger
Even if she suffers and serves
Every needs of a man that deserves
And ease his pique even if he resents.
But a man never blunders to let her guard down
Frowns like a ruffian who got on the loose
Hit & slap her as if she's the lost cause
All he does to take control
Over his priceless possession
As if he enslaved a jailbird in his mudhole.

This mankind never rue
Slapping someone without a clue
Even if there's no rationale to go through.
Such a despisal is hard to ponder
Even if a girl neither hold out against
Nor cross swords against those odds
Till there's nothing left to lose.

Maybe it's high time,
One should stand audacious to those crimes
To stand tall against the ferocity
That beholds million lives
Maybe it's time,
To let go of those henious folks
That make their life miserably unknown
And oppose against those slaps
That make them devour,
As everyone's one and the same
In the eyes of the impartial law.
Hope this poem directs each & everyone towards impartial justice and seek out for a better tomorrow.

— The End —