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  7h Lily Priest
In the olden days
Everybody wore a hat
Has it got warmer?
She was the moonlight
Pewter sprite that tiptoed the world
And never made an impression.
Lunar and light,
Dappling, dreamily across the surface
Never sinking, always glittering and glorious.
Though the sea roared
Monstrous and mean, jaggedly reaching
Greedily for her feet,
She was out of reach,
Lovingly lifted to where
she was always meant to be.
Airing out robes of one who's gone
Autumn cleaning then winter's wind
Seasons shall change and when they do
I'll wear autumn's robe for spring

"Leaves never fall in vain,"
I murmur as I sweep.
Weep for me willow
Loose and low
With aged tales
Of travellers
Tuned to the melodies
Of song birds
And sleepy streams
That sigh their way
Through the centuries.

Wave willow
With the winds of change
Root yourself
In soil as aged
As your dreams
She's a meadow

of wilted flowers

once in bloom

but broke too soon

how quickly

the parched ground


its own
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