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In the world full of fake
I have you in my fate
Who surrounds me in my bad
The one by my side I always had
You are my smile you are my pain
You caught me when my eyes rain
You are with me unconditionally
Either I shout or I cry
You loved me...
I don't know why
U make my life special
Nd u r my only treasure
Mothers always stand by, no matter what...
Shruti Dadhich Aug 2019
Kitne din hue,
Khud se nhi mulakat hui;
Khamoshi ki chader odhe pta hi nhi chala,
Kb subha se raat hui;
In ulzi ulzi julfo ko sulzaye,
Kitne din beete;
In aankho ki kahaniyo me dube,
Jaane kitne hafte beete;
Kitne din hue,
In tute sapno ko seete!
Arsa hua,
Khud k haal chal puche,
Uf! Kitne din hue,
Is duniya me kho se hye hai hum,
Khud ko kahi bhula sa diya,
Bs zindagi me ye hi h ek gam...
- $D
I won't regret for loosing anything or anyone in my life, but the thing I regret the most is loosing myself in the crowd of this fake world!
Jayantee Khare Sep 2018

sometimes a lot is to share
but actually no one is there

just for namesake, you have people
but get no support emotional

some issues can't be resolved
some problems can't be solved

but the words of comfort
doesn't really need any effort

and maybe saying "I'm there"
is enough to show one's care

in the difficult moments who lends an ear
blessed ones have a good listener....

Thnks to the listeners!!

— The End —