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Druzzayne Rika Jul 2017
You and I
an easiest lie
we shouldn't even try
nothing to justify

we may lie
but cannot deny
we are the one , never to unify
SunFlower May 2017
It’s the sadness in your eyes that darkens your heart

you were like a piece of art

your white pale skin carried no marks nor wounds

your silky hair and royal navy eyes appeared to be so alluring your suspected you were undesirable

but you were terribly mistaken..

Eleanor Rigby Nov 2016
I found us
And I killed us.

I shouldn't have.

-- Watercolour
Ashley Reem Nov 2016
Punched me in the guts
I know that I can't tell you it
You already know
Saying what ever is on your mind
Is saying what ever just whatever?
I showed you the part
Apart of me
A part of me
Part of me isn't going to be
Because what ever I can be
I will be
But what is a matter? I do not.
Punched me in the guts
I tried to say it
But you could not.
Shayuna Williams May 2016
How heavy are these words unspoken:
It's almost as if I disregarded
All the weight of the world
Already on my hollowed shoulders

I've found my new hold of home
And despite a pulsing contentment that makes more than sense,
I'm still catching my muffled thoughts
Request your attention;
It's that kind of imagining
That feeds off tunnel vision
And brief but meaningful exchanges

It's that kind of
"Where have you been all my life
and why can't you be a part of it now?"
That performs like automatic transmission
And interprets a second of a glance
As a spark of a chance.

The damage is done, I suppose
Nothing could really burn worse
Than what the flames have already touched

You have your ice princess
With her glistening curls
And bright, beautiful eyes
To cool you down when
Your temper begins to scorch


And it isn't me.

How heavy are these words unspoken:
It's almost as if I had disregarded
Any pinch of this mysterious mess that is romance
My sturdy, broad, broad shoulders
s Jun 2015
I shouldn’t listen to you
but I am not deaf
I shouldn’t remember you
but you are still here
I shouldn’t look for you
but you are everywhere
I shouldn’t help you
but I am weak
I shouldn’t fall for you
but I have fallen
I shouldn’t see you
but I am not blind
I shouldn’t think about you
but you’re all that’s on my mind
I shouldn’t
I shouldn’t
I shouldn’t
I shouldn’t
I *shall
just a little sad love poem </3
Rockie May 2015
I should've seen it coming,
But I didn't when I could've done,
So **** it,
In the deep end I go,
Miscommunicating with everyone all along,
Hearing one thing,
But seeing another.
Rachel Shussett Aug 2014
I shouldn't miss you
I shouldn't want to pick up the phone and call you
So why does my heart ache
Why do I dwell

I shouldn't miss you
You hurt me almost beyond repair
So why do I miss you
And your gentle touch
And the way you said my name

I shouldn't miss you
Or how you said "I love you" with little hearts
Because in the end you didn't mean it
It was all *******

Yet, I still miss you
Why do I miss you
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