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Unnoticed Notes Dec 2016
We shouldnt have to weep in the night wishing for death
We shouldnt have to live with this unbearable weight
We shouldnt have worry about whats wrong with us
We should be able to live where our hearts work without hesitation from fear of withering in pain
We shouldnt be living in fear of wether or not we'll break down at work the next day
We should be able to sleep at night as easily as the people without depression/anxiety do...
When will we be able to wonder how we ever walked thru the fire without completely losing who we are..  will we make it that far?..
The tiredness is wearing me down.. im so low i forgot what the sun looks like.
Josh Koepp  Oct 2012
Josh Koepp Oct 2012
Every morning i greet the sun smelling like jasmine and spice
the rays roll through my window
bend nicely and tip their hats only to figure out
that i am a man
and they switch between reaching down to kiss my hand
something they subconsciously planned
ever since that smell of sensual perfume heated up
even the hottest, and the coolest
made them too woozy to stand
they switch to an improvised hand shake
their mother told them not to judge on every
first impression that they make
but they smell my personality
my mannerisms and the way i walk and talk
WAFTED into their nostrils
like some woman dolled up before a date
with no one
to sit alone and say
"** hum"
and wait for the casual wreck of a man to walk in
to punch his time card and clock in
to commit sin upon this woman

but no

their nostrils and their eyes
seem to not agree
on what is

i wake up smelling like jasmine and spices
like a woman who spent all night in sin
taking pleasure from her vices
and i waft into every man and womans nostrils

and their eyes say man

their nose says woman so it seems
so they think i must be something in between

when in reality i smell like this because
i spent an entire night in love
with someone i lost the next day
and in our own way she brought her oils
for me to serve and slave her body with
and i wasn't ashamed of it

i spilt the oils all over our bodys they caressed us
and gave every motion an unstoppable velocity
every situation was slippery
and things that shouldnt have been
almost came to be

as we slept the oils clocked out
and slid down our still interlocked bodies and into the bedspread
it opened up its homestead
and buried its dead, started families and grew in number
until the population of the smell was too strong
too strong and the one i shared the smell with
was gone

but i hold that night fondly
i hold it above my head in all its glory
and when i am judged by my scent and called
or questioned of my sexuality
i just tell them
i'm being the scent i smelled when i discovered my masculinity
when i tried gender fusion and it didn't quite work
but i covered every other base
i swear my good sir

so ill tell you one thing
i am not an inbetween because i have never joined in the sweet final base
into sweet sexuality
with the opposite *** making man and woman
into man-woman
the in between

what i really mean is i am not what you think of me
i am 100% man until i find the right woman
a beautiful sight in the sunlight
and when night falls and i cant see her at all
i can find even more things i like
to take that from me
and i will give it up gladly

i am a man
as much as any man woman
or man man is
and stereotypes are for those who dont understand
that there IS no difference.
skaldspiller Sep 2016
I shouldnt be excited
By you kissing me goodbye
in public
But my heart makes jack hammer beats
And i shouldnt
Love the way your voice sounds
But it makes music
And the fact that you love
The way i nerd out
Shouldent make me feel special
But it does
Arcassin B May 2014
By Arcassin B

He stares at her,

like theres no chance,

Parten me for being guilty,

Mountains i could move,

but your feelings due for plenty,

he kisses her,

like he doesnt care,

parten me for jealousy,

i was kinda crule,

i shouldnt feel this shity,

he holds her,

like theres no tomorrow,

why do i feel pity,

i feel like a cut up mule,

needing someones empathy,

on the road to her soul.
Blue Flask May 2015
Make no mistake
im not an artist
im a lot of things
an poet isnt one of them
im a fake if i was real
everything i write
dances with the truth
like two prancing lovers in a field
who are slowly dying
from overdosing on something they shouldnt have taken
i hate what i write
i hate myself
i really do
Latiaaa Apr 2016
Hi, my name is female.
I might not fold my hands the way she does
Or flip my hair the way that girl does.

Hi, my name is female.
The width and length I am shouldnt define if I'm qualified for Vogue.
The way I lick my lips may not be as attractive as the next female,
How my eyelashes flutter may not appeal to you.

Hi, my name is female and I like mashed potatoes and Thai coconut.
They say “eat less, its prettier. Where this, it shows more.”
I shouldn't have to balance myself on misleading scales that does nothing but swallow my pride up.

Hi my name is female.
Because one chicken breast is smaller than the other….it's not the same?
Because another person's peach is plumper than mine….its better?  
They're still the same and we should treat them the same.

Words get thrown at us everyday and its expected of us to pick them up and change the way we are.

Hi, my name is female and I shouldn't be talking this way just for a guy.
I shouldn't be crying for this guy,
I shouldn't be kissing up to this guy,
I shouldn't be changing for a guy,
I wasn't made for a guy.

Because I can't reach my toes like the next female, shouldn't mean a thing. Because my palms may ash more or my bones may creek more, shouldn't define how pretty I am.
Her hair may reach her elbows, her hair may touch her neck.
Her skin might love the sun, her skin might hate it.
Its still beautiful.

Hi, my name is female and I like mashed potatoes and Thai coconut.
Just because you may not like it, doesn't mean Its gross or Im repulsive..

One female can say, “I am” while the other girl across the street can say, “I is.”
“No I won't”
“No I ain't”

I can still smile just like the next female,
I can hold a laugh,
Eat like the next female.

We're all one conjoined masterpiece.
One cannot make me feel low of myself.
One will not tell me she's better than me.
One will not let me cry my eyes out.

Hi, my name is female and I have a name.
My name defines me.
I am beautiful just like the next girl who likes mashed potatoes and Thai coconut.

Embrace your beauty, honey. You're gonna have it forever.
Ryan Jakes Jul 2014
Funny how a photograph can pump blood
I only have one of you, it isn't mine
it sits here backlit
shared with all that would gladly drown in those mischief eyes.
Your smile, a moment of calm, a second of perfection caught, always brings my own.
There is no beauty like yours, no work of art has ever made me want to overflow with passion the way you do. I could write countless poems, a thousand odes to your dimples, a million sonnets to your curls, a billion lovesongs to your eyes to no avail. So I'll laugh at your jokes, and be a sturdy shoulder, a friend.  I'll wish the best for you always, while your heart keeps my secret safe. Poets shouldn't fall in love with the unloved, there aren't enough words to describe the agony.
BLVNK  Dec 2014
I Know
BLVNK Dec 2014
I know i shouldnt be
I know i shouldnt know
I know i shouldnt get
I know i shouldnt receive
I know im just a man
I know i cut and bleed
I know that i lead someone in to deceieve
I know im not perfect
I know im just here
I know i have demons
I know i have fear
I know that ive cried
I know that theres pain
I know after all the sun there will always be rain
I know i've caused it all
I know you have changed
I know i deserve this dirt on my name
I know
I know
I know
i shouldnt have burned our bridge in the end
because as it turns out
you are everything i have ever wanted
and everything i will ever need

i shouldnt have hurt you
i never meant to hurt you
i miss you
i miss you with all my heart
forgive me
forgive me
forgive me for the awful pain i have caused you
because i still love you
after all this time i still love you
and all i know is that i need you back
i need you back in my life
please come back
i miss you. im infinitely sorry for the pain i caused you. i never meant to hurt you. i never meant to hurt you. i want you back
Fenix Flight Jul 2014
Down to my last bit of strength
Walk out of work in sobbing tears
Start the hike home
half a mile
81 degrees

"Yo Panda you look beat"
I stop dead in my tract
That voice
It shouldnt be here.
Is it really here?

Afraid to hope
afriad to believe
Take a gulp of air
look up.
Am I seing things?

Chillign against a car
a smirk across his face
arms crossed
sunglasses oddly on

Big brother Hawk
in all his dark glory
drove 8 hours give or take
just to make sure
I was ok.

Runnig into his arms
I cling to my big brother.
Wrapping them around me
lifting me up in a
big bear hug.

Safe, secure, peace.
In Hawks arms
I always feel
those three things
No matter what.

"You're safe now Panda,
I'm here for you,
You're not alone."

He whispers to me
And I know he means every word.
Tuesday (7/15/14) My best friend who is like a big brother to me drove all the way from Massachusettes to where I live just to make sure I was ok after my almost suicide attempt.
I love you so much hawk you are so important to me. thank you brother

— The End —