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SunFlower Nov 2018
Grey dusty clouds emerged from each other above the shore as she expected the currents to crash beside her feet.

The White, pale moon fades into the storm.

As well as the path back to the street.

Frustration overfloated her vision and confusion misjudged her calculations.
SunFlower Nov 2018
It felt like I was your Peter Pan and you were my Wendy.

I wasn't ready to grow up or let you go

but you...
  Oct 2018 SunFlower
eric calabrese
Sometimes I look up at the sky
I wonder if  simultaneously you are too lucid dreams of levitating through these walls and coming back to you
Our souls dance in circles around the sun beating with the sound of our hearts in perfect unison
The moon envys our energy
Mars red from how we move in rings around Saturn
The way we melt into one you’d think we were made from mercury
But the God of Neptune exclaimed we’re fresh like the bay or sea my waves to your sand pulled you close to me
A Venus fly trap opening up for the fly Uranus stopped and stared and even dropped a tear before I returned to my bed a lightning bolt appeared must of been Jupiter the God of the sky ripping us away
It’s punishment for noise we made above where he stays.
SunFlower Oct 2018
I am in the middle of nowhere, unseen
a place where they call it a maze
with images on a screen
that run around for days and days
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