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s Sep 2015
why can't I be perfect?
why must I be flawed?
all I wish is to be exactly like you
people tell me to be myself
but to be myself is not enough
I am weak
I am nothing
I am hopeless
I cannot be myself
to be myself will end in tragedy
I look up to you
I aspire to be you
but then my mind gets twisted
I become
why must you be so perfect?
why must you be the "better" one?
why must you be so flawless?
why can't it be me?
what is so wrong with me?
i hate it so much
this is for every sibling out there who's ALWAYS compared to the "better" sibling
s Jun 2015
it is not enough
you may give me everything
a n y t h i n g
i won't be content
i won't be happy
i won't be satisfied
i won't be fulfilled
i won't!
all i want is your love
which i have not received
*will that be enough?
random thoughts for today
s Jun 2015
done with high school now
fulfilled and content at last
out in the world soon
I graduated from high school yesterday and just wanted to write a little haiku to express my feelings!
s Jun 2015
one minute you are normal
the next minute who are you?
i feel trapped
blood mixed with water
tear by tear
it is known now
who shall be the one
for it can’t be me
it has always been you

you tighten your hold
have you forgotten?
the memories
the smiles
the laughter
it is unknown to us now
who are we?
we will not be the same
strangers or friends
enemies or allies
i will stand up
but i can’t
weak and pathetic
i have to leave
but i can’t
lonely and lost
i should go
but i can’t
i want to leave
but *i can’t
a poem revised many times
s Jun 2015
i am consumed with feelings
anger takes over
things are flying
how does one control this?
are feelings meant to be controlled?
breathe in
breathe out
breathe in
breathe out
c o n t r o l
i cannot
i feel weak
i can’t breathe
s Jun 2015
these memories
each one sharp as a thorn
yet so supple
a new chapter of life has now begun
do I leave my past behind?
closing my eyes
remembering every single one
pricking and prodding
trying to find my happiness
but that is something that I have left *behind
today in 49 words
s Jun 2015
The pain I feel is something no one endures
Each passing second I do not know what to feel
One thing is for sure
With time, I shall reveal

Lovingly, I tell you
How will I say this?
My love is something that cannot push through
But when I am with you, I feel bliss

However, you break this heart every time
"Why do you do this?", I say
As sour as a lime
You will always play

Your love has gone bone dry
Yet when will the time come to say goodbye?
A Shakespearean sonnet for y'all...
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