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Khyati 2d
There's so much to say
Yet so less to speak
Hundreds of things to scribble about
Yet not a drop of ink blotting the white sheets.

The scars of her soul, the pain in her teary eyes
So much to express, honey
Yet she hides it all
Behind that charismatic smile!
Khyati 5d
I look in the mirror and feel sorry
For those who have to "tolerate" me, every single day.

But I'm glad for the ones who already left.
Cause, I'm sure I wouldn't have stayed with me, either.
Khyati 7d
Months ago:

Me: I'm sad
My soul: It's just a phase for it shall pass.


Me: I'm happy today
My soul: Its just a phase for it shall pass
Khyati Aug 1
I have forgotten how
real happiness tasted like.
I no longer remember
the last time when I wore an actual smile.

Now, I hardly believe in the
"happy v/s the sad" days
For now, its
"worse v/s the worst" days..
I'll tell you what.. My dad asked me one day.."How does it feel to be happy"
And I was about to give the answer when I realised I don't even know how does it feel like. I kept thinking ..I literally took 10 minutes to think how does it feel...and then I replied "I don't know"
He said.."when was the last time when you were happy"...And this left me speechless... cuz trust me I don't remember when I went through that adrenaline rush and my face was all lit up bcuz of a smile... So I wrote this...
Happiness just feels like a fairy tale to me now!!
Khyati Jul 31
And they say
"Be nice to people"
As if they return the favour back
Me = Rude
Khyati Jul 30
Sometimes I wake up
in the morning
only to wait for the
night to take over the sky
And the sun to bid its early good bye.

And hence I'll make love to
the winsome moonlight
In love with the night sky!
Khyati Jul 29
Broken strings
Off-tuned notes
Worn out picks
Wrecked lyrics

That's how her soul was
just like a shattered guitar.
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