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Khyati Nov 2020
What if that hope
which determines the certainty of your existence
in this world tomorrow
ends up being the Imposter?
Just don't waste your present in order to make sure your future is secure. Cause who knows if you'll even get to see a new day tomorrow or not. It's just a matter of that hope we persist within us so don't let that hope take over you completely!
Khyati Sep 2020
A tight hug
A kiss on your forehead
A strong shoulder, to cry on
and those words saying, "It'll all be okay"
is all that is required
to feel the miraculous healing power
Khyati Aug 2020
It's not that you require
some change every-time.
Instead, sometimes, all you need is
to accept the way you are!
Khyati Aug 2020
I'm trying not to break, anymore.
I have gone through, for what I call the "worst"
But it isn't the end I am sure.
There's a lot to come
that storm of pain is still waiting for me to fall
That feeling of vulnerability is still
tucking me in into those sleepless nights.
But now I have got to be strong
Strong enough to go past that storm.
I have to keep on living, for what they say, "breathing".
Cause I never know
what life would have to offer tomorrow
or the day after that.
That's what keeps us alive : a speck of hope,
shrouding our fears, day and night!
"I'm broken. I know that. It's a long, hard process but little by little you start -picking up the pieces. And you realise what you're making is a mirror. And the more pieces you put together the more you see yourself."
- 13 reasons why
Khyati Aug 2020
I lost a girl, few months back
that I once cherished while looking in the mirror.
I wish I stayed a bit stronger, back then.
I was deeply and faithfully, in love with her.
She was lively and chirpy.
But now, we don't hang out anymore.
We don't laugh together anymore.
And I miss her
I miss the talkative self
I miss myself :/
Khyati Aug 2020
.At 2 Am,
Under the starry night
We danced to the beats of our cosmic hearts
while our love, just like those fireflies,
kept on glistening so bright
Khyati Aug 2020
Have you ever choked, while crying?
Well, I have, everyone has........ maybe
But what if it isn't the tears
choking you down to death
What if its actually your soul
resisting anymore hurting
Or, what if its actually the fear
The fear of vulnerability
The fear of ending up helpless
Yeah! that's my and maybe everyone's mightiest fear
But what if it's certain
that we all have to go through the worst times
And what if it's certain too
that we'll get better, one day
But what if it's not
What if nothing is certain
And you may have to go through the worst
before that "better" actually comes.

What if everything is just an illusion
and you are the illusionist
Illusionist of your own fears and what ifs
Well just some intense writing up there...Think about it, as in, feel those words.
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