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Sam H May 2020
nah, there’s nothing on my mind
except maybe,
the demons i constantly fight
yeah, they’re in there alright

who ever said
‘out of sight, out of mind’
just probably couldn’t see them
Sam H May 2020
i once called
to say goodnight
oh with the cheeky grin
of a mischievous child

now i lay him to rest
listening to his hearts’
last jazzy tune
underneath the light
of the blue crescent moon

i held him tightly
against my chest
his pain is now mine,
and he can now rest beyond
the grand endless sky;
hear me as i say
my last goodnight
Sam H Apr 2020
Are you smoking?
Don’t let anyone tell you
that it’ll be alright
I’ve endured so much
sleepless nights
thinking i was fine

Are you talking?
i cant bear another
hopeless lie
ill walk another hundred miles
pretending im alright
Sam H Apr 2020
The ice finally thins out
Yet we keep on treading
Did you whisper something in my ear?
For a whisper, it was pretty loud

What was it you said?
Your words were swept by the breeze
Light penetrates the bleak horizon
Winter has come to an end
Sam H Mar 2020
i cry myself to sleep at night
i shift side to side
as the pain just follows

i can't trace its roots
everything just aches
whether if i'm asleep
or wide awake
Sam H Mar 2020
My warm and fuzzy friend,
tuck me in every night in bed
and leave a gentle kiss on my head
should you depart by days’ end,
rid my tears that have been shed.

Your loving memory has no end.
Until we meet again.
Sam H Mar 2020
such a tragic world we live in
where time is enemy
and enemies are your friends
plastering phony smiles
and faking best regards
why live in a world
where the sun scarcely shines?

here's to living life
purely in the moment
where only true words can prosper
minds only full of wonder
and happy thoughts
that can never decompose

a world like this exists,
i suppose
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