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Laura Mar 5
i never wanted to be you
i fought it , i swore it, i cursed myself
if i ever became a single, similar
drop to you
this aversion it kills me yet frees me
Laura Mar 5
tears fall gracefully, yet violently
time passes and passes
to move on from the ones i love
the ones who dressed
who fed me the food
that nourished my growing body
the ones who gave me shelter when I was dependent
for my very own survival
who held me, who love me,
who support me
I love you with my every breath
Laura Mar 5
what will i find in my pages?
i am floating through time
is anything i write really mine?
dreams are an idea of the mind
there are no physical objects
beneath these sole appearances
Laura Sep 2020
laughing til we cried
four hour high
climbing through windows
for a skyline view
from your roof
summer was dying
but magic was lingering
in a captivating stare
engulfed in warm air

today is your birthday
and I thought of you all day
my skin burns from frost
and the skies are gray
wanted to reach out but have nothing to say

every word that danced out of you
remains in these four walls
wrapped in a bow
embraced in my palm
I kept them somewhere safe
somewhere they belonged
Laura Sep 2020
i am not afraid of the light
or it's ability to show me who i am

when it does not come around so often
leaving me in the comfortable shadows
Laura Sep 2020
i feel so far from you.
Laura Jul 2020
is this my weapon anymore?
space sits before me yet the chosen ones
don't swing the way they used to
maybe the doubt has overcome the truth?
deconstructing, it's time
to take apart those rhymes without reason
in my head
i have a lot to offer
but do you believe it?
maybe not today but that's okay
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