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UA Slam Sep 16
Anxiety creeps on you in the night with no warning through light
It follows you everywhere like a shadow in darkness and light
It covers you up like a devil on your shoulder every time
He sticks on you like Velcro and you don’t notice because he is light
It whispers and sometimes screams in your ear words you don’t want to hear
It drowns you, overcomes you and you just want to swim to the light
It is in these troubled times you need a friend to help you through it
Trust me it helps to have a friend by your side, let them be your light
It’s in these times, it attacks you. You want to scream for it to go
Though fight it and challenge it with all your might. Darkness vs. Light.
~ Soph Buenviaje
UA Slam Sep 7
Everything is laid out in a cold, soft sheet of bliss. Childlike expressions for all. Children are staying up late playing games and drinking hot chocolate.
They will wake up late into the day, and will go play with the grass's winter bedspread.
Men are sprung out of the ground, they all have a weird orange nose.
With charcoal buttons linking up to make a suit.
They have a top hat that matches their buttons but with a flair of a singular phoenix feather.
Parental units power down, and from them emerges a different specimen.
This species of parent does not care for school or homework, but only for a smile on their family's face, and the warmth of the fire with the scent of chocolate in the air.
They look out the window to watch the lights brighten up their usually bleak neighborhood. They find the piled sheets of winter's rain to be a glorious sight with their family sheltered and together.
~ Gabriel G
UA Slam Aug 30
For the pessimists you were born the day you hurt,
For the optimists you were born the day you survived,
For those unclassified you were born the day you decided to live,
For the realists you were born on the day you touched air,
For the dreamers you were born everyday,
For the independent you were born into your first thought,
For the hurting you were born on the day you died,
For the empathetic you died with them and you were born with a burden,
For the diplomatic you were born head first,
For the curious you were born skeptical,
For the brave you came out colored,
For the kind you were born battered,
For the lost your were born found,
For the found you were born lost,
For the new and untouched you were born fearful,
For the evil you were born most perfect,
For the forgiving you were born with an undeniable strength,
For the newly classified you were born to change the world,
Fate paves the roads ahead of us and obligated are we to follow,
except, why else did God build crossroads?
UA Slam Aug 20
You go your way and I’ll go mine. I’ll see you on the path, and we shall meet again.
I always move on, I try to stay strong, but I can’t. It hurts, it will always sting. But you probably don’t even feel a thing.
You always call when you need something, I’m always fast, I’ll always care. But you’ll never see me sad. I put it away to see you smile. I’ll do anything for you, you see.
That’s the sad thing, you’ll never get it. You're too caught up in everything else to see me hurt.
You go your way and I’ll go mine. I’ll see you on the path, and we shall meet again.
When I look back, at least I tried, how many can say that?
“We said no strings attached, and I still got ******* in that.”
Every moment I used to think about you, you were gone, but you still blessed me. A terrible blessing. Being without you was amazing, but utterly terrible for my heart.
You never changed when I was around, and that made you perfect. You being yourself was perfect.
And through the motions I realize that I miss you, but never want you in my life again.
So goodnight forever, I hope to never see you again, my beautiful jewel.
I hope he takes care of you, just like I did.
~ Gabriel Girault (Based on The Motion By Drake)
UA Slam Aug 17
Throw me in a shark tank,
Walk me through a field of thorns,
Lay me down on train tracks,
Punch my back so hard it burns,
Tear apart my photo books,
Tell me that I’m dumb,
Stab me with assumptions,
Steal my only source of income,
Burn all of my clothing,
Lie directly to my face,
Point a pistol at my head
and then Kick me till I bleed,
Strip me of my dignity,
Start a war inside my head,
Leave me without gravity,
Assume that I am brain dead,
Mislead my intuition,
Send a massive tidal wave,
Manifest my music
and watch my heart concave,
Then wait for me to fight back,
Watch me win the war of good,
Clambering to my feet I strike the mighty blow
and through my heart it pierces,
I have killed the enemy of man.
For when we think we are invincible we lose the upper hand.
UA Slam Aug 14
You are my flower I won't let die, when I see your petals starting to wilt, I strengthen your roots.
You are questioning everything, everything impacting your life, but I won't let you down. Day after day you think all the Love has vanished from the soil, and with that seeps life. But minute after minute I'll reassure your life, because there will always be Love, no matter the thoughts.
No matter the case, no matter the question, no matter the venture. If you ask for the world, I'll give you a galaxy by the end of this sentence.
I say you're a flower because now you doubt it, but soon you'll blossom into a carnation of power.
No matter the problem I will be down for you, like a soft dew drop falling from atop the tree leaves of an Amazonian jungle.
I will make sure you know I'm always behind you, like the luminous sunshine that will always come with a radiant smile, after any thunderous storm.
~ GabrielG
UA Slam Aug 10
Creature mother referred to as benevolent to salvage his miscarried stride, brother said his wingëd arms were ordnance and that was the workings of a good man (rather a tool I suggested), father thought his wide ego was equitable, a trait lacking in most boys, and I thought they felt like the hands of someone who grappled with your body in pool water, the exception to “pool boy” was that you had every right to elbow them hard in the windpipe, you close-lined his smirk with the same forearm that you used to cradle your niece, your arm was stuck to your hip bone -- by now you’d supposed it hard as cement and requiring the effects of a jackhammer, all night you underwent the pain and once the adults getted and got together the world came to a closing -- you got a slap to the spine indicating “job well done”. But. For this irritatingly foolish“pool boy” you faked flustered when he botched his cries with a surprised expression and you never got in trouble -- it was an accident, and their mothers needed them to learn anyways; for their interest in curves was now only game for the land sharks and you ruled the riptides. You made it clear that if you couldn't take a bruised lip then you should learn to drown in other places, and his webbed chest soaked up the minty fresh breath that your throat excreted when you dealt to the devil a hard “no”, and got back humor, and you both with your red skin, each burning the other amidst many. short. touches. Decided you had no choice but to laugh.
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