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Matthew Rousseau Mar 2022
returned to the same desk,
the same grindstone, the same thoughts,
cyclical patterns of thought and action,
but which comes first?

the will slips, the cracks widen,
and it all floods in, easier to understand,
caught within the same ropes,
you spun from woes of a broken past,

and they were meant to help climb out,
but the grease that bounds the threads,
cannot be grasped by those unresolved,
to the reality they crave most,
it has been a long time for anyone reading, thank you.
Matthew Rousseau Apr 2020
On my way I see
A pin-***** perimeter
For infinity
Matthew Rousseau Feb 2019
I felt the ground beneath me,
There was nothing at all,
I had nothing,
To stop the fall.

I could hear the shrieks,
of ghosts in time past,
I wonder how long,
they will last,

I could feel the breath of a slimy creature behind,
a conjure casted cat ran through my mind,
I thought of death and how my clock winds,
but alas, death leaves my contract left unsigned,

I opened my eyes, bright sun up above,
Startled, I jolted up with a buzz, gave my body a shove,
flowers on the ground spelled out love,
heat on my face I had nothing to speak of,

I took a long walk to understand,
what I thought was in the masterplan,
I sunk my toes in the dirt to feel the land,
I realized the plan isn't about my lifespan
Love this one a lot more than I thought I would
Matthew Rousseau Feb 2019
This is a tale of long ago
I was a small boy new to this
Tedious life that is a show
The only thing inside was bliss,
Oh, Mistress, I held that pencil with a fist

I took those thoughts that run away
pulled them into the real world
I imagined a chicken named earl
In recess, I jotted notes on a pad with a twirl
for an assignment, my thoughts couldn't stay

It poured out my hand like neverland
my hand as stable as Afghanistan
The chicken had a mind of his own
and Earl made that page his home

I knew from that day on
Writer was a part of my identity's lexicon
True Story btw I was 6
Matthew Rousseau Feb 2019
Do not instigate,
use power to demonstrate,
the battle within
Matthew Rousseau Jan 2019
The progressive flow of time
can never, ever unwind
don't think towards infinity
and degrade your own trinity

The title of alive is but a mask
finding your power is your true task
I look back and I realize now
why my depression screamed so loud

I wasn't true to myself
I could think of nothing, and nothing else
To regain my insanity, my dignity
Grow my resolve towards infinity
I'm really feeling it today. Watching a Robin Williams documentary. Do what you need to do, I realize what I need now.
Matthew Rousseau Jan 2019
Stuck in a chair,
Mind disappeared somewhere,
No time, and no care,
No place out of there
Matthew Rousseau Jun 2017
I look around, I stand alone
on a moonlight road, all my own,
I light a candle, hovered in front of me,
the fields of grass, warm, and overgrown,

I follow the trail of broken stones,
made of barren lights so far away,
the rocks, they whisper tired moans,
my feet pass over like tomorrow on yesterday,

I listen to the trees breathing with vanity,
I hear the leaves talking to the breeze,
It swirls around me, Oh, my Humanity!

The devil is close, can you feel him?
on the breathe of the homeless,
On the sweet taste of sin,
Global warming will make us globeless,

For you, me, everything in the sea,
That and more is what the trees tell me,
The path grows wider, with newer stone,
The future is ours, and mine alone,

We see things differently,
across the table, across the sea,
without us Earth would heal,
just another fossil in a tomb,
sent to doom like those before us,
All of the long necks and Tyrannosaurus,

rest in the ground

see the reality?
despicable delinquents of DNA
Throwing away what Mother Earth gave birth
War proves we don't know our worth,

The path reaches a fork
what will you choose?
for something meaningful to happen,
it starts with you
Matthew Rousseau May 2017
Amber is the color of your energy,
I know I understand you,
bonded from paternal love, so naturally,
A soft melody, Your reasons, a lot of,
times you learned, fueled by experience,
your guidance for me, it's furious,

You're gone now, with a part of me
We can't find common ground,
we agree to burn it down,
We play it like a game,
Too late, we realize that's lame,

the needing in our compass is trembling,
your words hurt, an eminent sting,
Now I see all the futility,
of resisting all these jaded realities,

Don't burn what can't be rebuilt,
your mind is a million miles away,
your heart in the same place,
fix the day, before you separate,

Now I've hit the ground running,
these lessons I find so cunning,
The ice we skate is getting pretty thin,
The water is getting warm, go ahead, swim,

I miss you dad, and this is how I say
goodbye, I know you cannot stay,
The years start coming, and they don't stop,
Anxiety's the worry on top,
I know I let you down,
but I'm just a slave to the night,

I know I gave you hell through the years,
I know you've shed countless tears,
and I know you have countless tears.

But now there's a single truth.
There's you in everything I do,
dad, miss, you, miss you, Matthew, T.S., Rousseau, Matthew T.S. Rousseau, sad, loss, death, passing, mourning,
Matthew Rousseau Jan 2017
Out by the Strange Creek a little drunk,
I built a tower of stone, an imaginary throne,
I pondered of power and sat on a stump,
The moon hung like an old friend from up above,

There were many around, laughing and happy,
A few on the guitar sounded a little sappy,
Tents dotted the river, and I dipped my tows in the sand,
The stars up above illuminated the camp but not the bands,

Too many drugs made there way around,
back in the woods everyone gathered around a stage,
and jammed the music, they blazed,
for themselves, their future, but mostly the present,
Their bodies swayed, in a daze,

Acid, ****, liquor and E
Oh boy, it was a party,
but the last bit of my sober self,
turned inwards and the whole of me felt,
the seven chakras flowing through me,
connecting me to infinity,

We partied for three days, acid babies littered the place,
We drank for our mistakes, and listened to The Machine,
The wall flowing through me,
We freed our bodies, and our souls to the void,
On the last night we were over joyed,
But now that I'm leaving I feel it slipping away

My crown chakra back into the haze,
My mind's eye back into a cage,
My throat chakra back underneath,
My heart chakra feels only grief,
My solar plexus can't handle a nexus,
My sacral is fine though, trust me,
But my roots,

They don't even trust me
Look up chakras to understand deeper if you aren't familiar with them, please.
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