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How are you?
If anyone asks

For once
Looking at their eyes, reply
50% Off

They will be
Genre: Observational
Theme: Obsessed with shopping || Strategy
Zero Nine Oct 2017
We've our grievances
here in hand

Blood soaked envelopes
sweat and seal

They use empty truths
to pitch hate
as a promised land

They sell their answers
used, as is
to the fearing masses

And they do so
dirt cheap
dirt cheap

From a throne
of our skulls
and ancient

.our ******* bones.
thrash trash post-*******
topacio Sep 2017
if i make a poem out of iphones,
people will actually start taking
a liking to the forgotten form.
i can make every phone sing
at the perfect time,
when your eyes glance over them.
it will buzz and offer you
a new promotion to go with your poem word,
and as you are thinking about the
symbolism of a flea and love,
you can get 50% off your next purchase at WalMart.
17th Jun 2014
bring me to your thoughts
let me know all of your thoughts
I want to know everything

bring me the idea of this deficit
let me take away the pain
by cutting off your vein

bring me the disaster
knowing all the answers
come down
and cut me off my guard

endless fountains
endless mountains
filled with pain and disaster

you wanted me to be possessed
possessed by your inner demons
turn me into you *****
*the discount

— The End —