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Green means
many things
"Picture this"
I get around in my EV
The trees neatly packaged
The streams and the grass
and the cows' milk
and the eggs of the poultry
in abundance
"You're living in
the wrong city my friend!"
My patience is a virtue
Still hands
Straight shots
Full bodied
Another on ice
Keep walking my friends

Johnnie Walker
The depth of a quarry
The mass of the ore
The heat in the furness
The diameter of the bore
The skill of a marksman
For sure. For sure.
In my kitchen
your place
is at the table
Anthony Pierre Jun 2023
The brain,
what a glorious thought.
its splendour seems less remarkable
at times
Its purpose misunderstood
Where is its history?
Thoughts mined of Thoth's mind
Fossilised, it remains
in warm pellucid waters
Shallow as my human intellect

Deeper meditation takes forever
greys turns white undiplomatically
with all its human prejudices
Grey matters: its a matter of fact

It glows and grows
synapse after synapse
to perfection.  
A Shrine of Muses.
Each crenulated shelf follows

Consider its vastness
lobe to lobe
hemisphere to hemisphere
where water entombs it
A hippocampus
Like Hippasus submerged
beneath open and violent sea
A cage for wild and hostile imaginations

To find its perfection
leave your thoughts behind
Dive deep outside yourself
The ocean ends where
reason reefs
the barbaric wreck sinks
senses are subdued
descend in slowly
The school
The sun
The rays
The colours
The species
The knowledge of life
The brain: Marvelously imperfect
The Brain Coral.
Anthony Pierre May 2023
That's right David!
You have a right
Not to remain silent
David Miranda
Anthony Pierre Jan 2023
How odd of you?
To think of pastures...
a leisure of sort
So green and pristine
with the milk of laughter
T'was hard work
keeping you on the hill
in summer's sunshine
near the old barn
from spring to spring
Now memories are
limp and cold as winter
Rotting the heart of the tree
and even grass passes time
in faint contemplation of you
A Pastoral Poem
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