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Chastity went
Anxiety came
Thumping heart
Innocent no more
Over and over
Now it is all to the wind
No!  No!
Busy little Bee
How many pretty flowers
You wish to **** dry tonight
Chairs in the room

On the table
Requiring attention
Strewn to the side
And left

Fire in the hearth
No one
To watch it

Empty room
Amply furnished
Ticking clocks
No one
To listen
This is not the first                  TIME

Nor is it the                      SECOND

while reading the      MINUTES

That this love of              OURS

has left me in a                 DAZE

Now I am so                            WEAK

I think this feeling will last a life-TIME
Tap tap tap like dancing feet
Crazy tap dancers on a streak
Tapping fast tapping slow
Tap dancing is all they know

Some tap dancers are on fleek
Amazing colours nice and sleek
Glittering dust on their heels
Neat and shiny like new wheels

One tap dancers was so vain
She was tap dancing on a plane
Some said this dancer was a fool
Then she tap danced into a pool

Tap a word or tap a page
Tap with joy or tap with rage
Make me laugh or make me cry
Tap tap tap till my battery die
Splashing on the rocks
One more wave of contentment
This is my last drink
She was half naked
I was caught between two minds
Our first rendezvous
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