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You told him/her
      not to miss you
but he/she trusted the evolving
      not to think of you
but he/she trusted the evolving
      not to love you
but he/she trusted the evolving

He/She has just learned
Voice of silence
How to love
How to stay
How ironic
Can one survive?
Without your vibe
He/She still, is
Living in silence
With his/her
Own shadow
Genre: Experimental
Theme: When nothing matters || Let no-one face this time
You beat within me
but whenever
you beat that much
I die pretty much
Izzy Aghahowa Nov 2018
i'm travelling
to a further place
a hole in the ground
for those unreaching

i'm drifting
and slowly diving
into a deep space
of heavy rain

i'm walking
into consciousness
beyond the mountain
beyond the plain

into a lifeline
i cannot contain

i can't see
i can't breathe
the same way anymore
Samruddhi Sep 2018
He knew she will wait
for she knows he is her final fate
She knows now it's not just a matter of fact
but it is about that unsaid pact
He has been there for 22 years
hearing her laughter and broken heart's tears
Simply been there by her side
even when with other guys she goes and hide
In the morning he just goes away
for he knows she is on a right way
But just as the evening starts to bloom
He comes back for her, cause he is her moon!
Eyithen Sep 2018
Good, Bad
Right, Wrong
The list just goes on and on

There is a line that no one should cross
It has been blurred and lost

Morals are guidelines
Everyone is an exception
Lost in a sea of philosophical deception

So here you go
Round and round again
Running the same circles you did back then

You try to keep straight
But it is harder now
Always letting your loved ones down

Your mind betrays what you know to be true
It keeps you caged like a monkey at a zoo

You keep dancing the dance
You keep singing the song
Even if you know it to be wrong

You know who you are
Or at least who you want to be
So why can't you just let yourself free?

A stranger whispers things in your ears
But you don't believe what you hear

You are breaking the chains
The light is in sight
But than it flickers
and your trapped in the night

You keep holding on
As strength fills your soul
But you start to stagger when the fight takes its toll

Your almost there
The end is in sight
The noose you wear is tied tight

The tears slip out
Your hoping for peace
Second-guessing as you look at your feet

Than sudden like a storm
You hear the voice
The one telling you to make a different choice
The one telling you, you'll be okay
The one screaming this isn't the way

You breath out relief
Your death-wish ends
And your will to live extends

The second-wind hits
"I won't go out like this"
There is too much I'll miss

The words the stranger whispered that day,
Gave you a sword so your demons you could slay

You repeat as a mantra never leaving your thoughts,
Giving you strength as they ought

And that is when you realize
Under the scarred skin and thoughts of mud
Under all the tears and blood

There is someone who is beloved
As the words echo,

"You Are Loved"

Hold fast this lifeline
Never let it go
As you learn to love
In a world of ice and snow
For those who need to know, you are never alone. We love you.
amidst the subtle headaches
and pulsating temples
like mountains raining
jagged side down and
wooden nutcrackers
bayoneting the insides
of our brains
our lives keep riding
these burning carousels
of monotony

there’s no war in our ****
or fire in our incinerator

and these chessboard days
of recrimination keep
repetitively circulating
into the form of a
spherical motion

get up, go to work,
get yelled at by the boss,
fight traffic, come home,
cook, clean, eat dinner,
go to sleep and do it all
over again until
there’s no beginning
to tomorrows end. living our
vanilla lives with vanilla wives
until the something happens.

the needle of change pulls
through the thread of life
and we begin all over again
on a new chessboard
on a new carousel
and repeat steps
until our lifelines
look more like
a string of beads
than a mountain landscape
or a flash of lightning
because it’s easier to give up
and settle down than to have life
constantly changing in chaos
but only if we had enough
courage to shake the world
like an Ian Curtis epilepsy dance
and rip the necklace of listlessness
off the neck of inferno
and watch the pearls
of our routine fall,
and roll down
some ***** alleyway
where a rat never lived.
siinli Aug 2018
A day with you is indescribably perfect.
Even the birds flies geometrically aligned with the neatly painted sky.
I am undoubtedly in love with your voice
I am lost within the galaxies of your eyes, its devouring my soul.
I am awakaned by every blink of your eyes
The way you hold my hand sends shiver through the tiniest nerve of my spine, sprinting as if the energies you gave me are having their own race.
I fell in love with your quiet whispers, the way you let out the words 'I love you' it's killing me.
Im stealing glances examining you like a science experiment thinking how could you be so perfect?
I can feel your words through your kisses, it's a lifeline keeping me alive
With your arms wrapped around me feels like I am in the safest place, its your paradise where everything is in its own place
Being with you feels like time doesn't exist— it feels like forever.
—the man I will never be with
Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
There was a writer
Who once said
Let me write about you

He tried to weight
Connected words

Less appropriate
To describe her

He knew noble respect
She deserves

She is different
She is special
She is disciplined

Without wings, she is an Angel
She is from the outer world
With a newer height

She is the answer
The lifeline
The key

Being blocked
He thought hours
Struggling to defy gravity
Wrote a note

She is a part of me
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Beyond Words
Yusof Asnan Jun 2018
So throw her a life line,
She may be strong
on her own,
But it doesn't
mean she don't
deserved the

Bloop poems Jun 2018
shes the actor
the light in your eyes
she is your life line

she is the sad girl with a fake smile
the smart girl with dreams of death,
dreams you cant believe,
shes the thin pretty girl,
the girl who wishes to fly,
shes the late night crier,
she is dying

shes your life line,
the light in your eyes,
shes your little actor
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