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Muhammad Ali Jul 2022
In your thoughts i drown
with your love I’ve flown
high up by the moon
more than stars, there I bloom
shining even more as they envy
for I took their shine
and I’m encircling the moon
little do the stars know
that it’s not their moon
it’s my Gul that I encircle around
and the moon envy my gul
for she replaced it’s place
little did i knew but i do know now
that you are my moon
and I am your stars
and in this universe we bloom
shiner in this galaxy of ours

Nov 29th, 2021
Our Twinkling Love
A fairy tale that isn’t a fairy tale
it’s the true reality of out deepest feelings and desire for each other
For my Fatima Gul 💞
Muhammad Ali Sep 2021
Like the sun you rise
and  brighten my life
Like a moon you pull
the waves of my soul
And the moon smiled
And the sun twinkled
but both were jealous
of your stardust soul
Like the sun is to moon
You are to me my Gul
With your glamor I Shine
Without you I'm dull
With you my Fatima Gul
My existence is meaningful
It's been a while that I wrote something good for my sweetheart, my Fatima Gul, the most beautiful, the love of my life Alhamdulillah....
I think about her and I feel blessed to have her in my life. She's my everything and I love her bht bht bhttt zyadaa 💞
Fatima Gul !

You are everything to me.
I love you 💞💞
Muhammad Ali Aug 2021
for my Fatima Gul

I was passing days ordinary as myself
Until your appearance extraordinary as yourself
I never found someone so relatable to my life
Like a mirror you reflected so clearly
All what's been going on in my life
Just as we talked about everything
We came closer with every thought
Even though we talked too little
But with every shared thought
I found you ever closer to my heart
I never thought that any stranger
Can feel so much like home
with all the warmth and joy
that you always have been
Like a light in gloom
My life gets bloomed
With the joy and jokes
You always evoke
You make me feel good
and you make me laugh
I cherish those moments
Tho very little they are
With your beautiful name
You're much more lovelier
I wish for you my Fatima Gul
Everything that is beautiful

With love
~Muhammad Ali
Yours and always yours 💞
July 17,2021
The First Poem I wrote for the love of my life....
It was her birthday and she wanted this as her present...
I love her more than anything in this whole world !
Pyre Apr 2021
Insanely marvelous in your disandry
Still bleeding with the notion that it's you and me

But we've marked the ageless stone in violent red

As the treble dismantled my speakers dead
You had uncovered the neons of my spirit
As they spread bellow your *******,
You heard it
Nuzzle with life as if from a guitar string
As your so called impervious soul began to sing
A melancholic tune that yearned for an ancient puzzle that burned...
Strying Jan 2021
Pretty and silent.
Unspoken but seen.
her eyes.

Surrounded by death,
she stands,
a light in the dark.

A world taken,
yet she keeps it turning.
She keeps those left going.
She's a lifeline, not a lifesaver.

And when all hope is lost,
her heart beats loud and she stands.
She stands to fight.

Even when no one follows,
her hair is swinging in the wind above them.

She is the queen of the apocalypse.
"Behind every great man is an even greater woman"
she is the queen.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2021
A sea of names
--the waterfall of praenomen

Nary just a sobriquet
this is who you are, child
or what you shall grow into

Bathe in it
take drink from its fountain
aver your lifeline and identity
to the cascading baptism

It's your birthright
Inspired by Jamadhi Verse's poem "inamorata"
Nickolas J McKee Nov 2020
I fear in this lifetime,
It may not be with you.
Flowers on a table,
Turning to a gun soon.
Wind chimes come at my door,
I believing its you.
The habit to answer,
No one is there & through.
The crimson sky to shine,
Telling me its my time.
The last & final thoughts,
All telling me a sign.
Will I ever get out,
This end of my lifeline?
Valentin Busuioc Oct 2020
I was a nice boy
at the cinema, all the blonde girls
sat next to me
running their fingers through my hair
looking me in the eyes
showing me different ways
to drown my happiness

I did not know you back then
not even a window predicted
that you would start to overwhelm me
with such bitter affection

just a dog
which I still call in my mind
hoping he would come and wag its tail at my feet
that dog was the only one trying to heal me
licking my palm
the fool thinking, just like me,
that the lifeline was a wound
Påłpëbŕå Oct 2020
.                                         y
                                        e  e
                                       n    t
                                       i      y
                                     m      o
                                     e        u
                                    b          o
           e  a                  r           w
         h      r               e             n
You r        t shall   ev             m     line....
                              n                  y    e 
                                                    l   f
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