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Ren Sturgis Sep 22
On the blank pages I
trying to understand why my heart feels so
Staring off into the distance,
shutting off thoughts to which I don't want to
Pain and sorrow etched in so deep
we have become One.
I've always had hope,
but sometimes it feels like I've lost.
Like I've lost Me.
Who is Me? Why is it Me? What do I get from this? Where will it lead? When will it End?
Endless questions.
They're all devoid of answers.
Will someone just hand me a **** lifeline already?
Everytime I feel like I'm drowning.
I am.
or am I learning to breathe underwater?
Only time will tell.

Time takes too long.
This one has been written by my Soul.
Ren Sturgis Sep 22
Craving your skin on mine,
missing every whimper and whine.
Foreheads together,
breaths mingling,
teeth pulling lips,
hands gripping hips,
hold gets tighter.
Succumb to me.
Come for me.💜
A soft sigh in the night.
Eyes drift closed.
Body needs rest.
Deep, peaceful slumber.
Ren Sturgis Apr 2019
All this pain I feel Inside
makes me want to ****;
all the Others and rob them of free will.
They think I'm Good and Sweet,
But on the Inside it doesn't look that neat.

I'm just another Monster lurking.

— The End —