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Flowerwithabrain May 2021
You didn’t give me a reason to write, you sat your words in my lap and I had no choice but to rearrange them.
Flowerwithabrain May 2021
I didn’t even know I had the capacity to harm

I was always The one who was hurt

The one who would come to your aid whenever you were hurt

But now I’ve become the monster I’d never hoped to meet

Who am I now that I am not the harmed
It needs work but I just had to get it out of my brain for now
Flowerwithabrain May 2021
I apply my love with water and a sponge but like a small child you rub and pick and poke and **** until it’s gone
I have endless tattoos and one day when your older I’ll give you one in ink
This ones kinda worded bad but I like the imagery so I’m keeping it
Flowerwithabrain May 2021
My life has become a series of tests,

How long can I go with the ache in my stomach

How long can I push through my social burnout

How many days can I sleep without a pillow

How long can I go without texting you

And I find ways to fail them all
Flowerwithabrain May 2021
I fill your pockets with rocks
To way you down?
To keep you from outgrowing me.
The beginning of a spoken word I'm writing for art class
Flowerwithabrain May 2021
People always say “love wins”

But if that were true
God if that were true

The things the world could see us do
I’m so sick of being gay like I know it’s not A bad thing I just think life would be so much easier without it
Flowerwithabrain May 2021
The clocks are always ticking
Something I never found annoying
Until I realized that with every tik I had one less second with you
I hope this never ends but people always seem to get bored and leave eventually
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