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I take photos now, that's new

And I learned to draw lips like you used to

But despite the things I've learned

I still yearn
December 8th was the last time we talked

No more suns or moons or stars or laughter

No more music or dancing or singing

No more fluttering heart or late nights

No more happy fights

I want it all back

And the only way is with you
It's been weeks since you threw me back

But I just want to let you know

You didnt cut the line

And I'm stuck on your hook

Please reel me in
I think I used up all my words talking to you cause I haven't been able to get anything meaningful out ever since
I need to stop living in the past
it's so hard when your not in my future
Flowerwithabrain Dec 2019
A leaf fell from your branch

It would be wrong to glue it back

But I've got a glass half full

And wouldn't mind helping grow a knew one
Flowerwithabrain Dec 2019
Did you open it when I left?

Tear open the paper

Or are you still waiting

Counting the days

Are you anxious

What could be inside
Wait it out
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