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Tess M Jun 5
Love is the feeling
that which controls
Only its not so very well understood
Sometimes its easy to forget
Tomorrow is yet another day to
Tess M Jun 4
why oh why am I
this house of horrors

this nightmare
filled with everything
that I long for

its a pain
to be forever

I wrote this almost a year ago, alongside the first part, so just beware it wont be the greatest
Tess M Jun 4
all around me are couples,
walk around,
frightened and clinging
to each other
clowns jumping out,
chain saws screeching on

paralyzed in fear
crying in extreme anger
everything in me
screams to have control
yet I keep

Tess M Mar 15
am nothing
yet I feel everything
how do I cope

timers keep going off
time is running out
there is no time

im going crazy
somebody help
before the time runs out
Tess M Mar 15
the smoke in my lungs,
tears in my eyes,
he is the break in my heart
I am suffocating;


he squeezes,
he grips,
demands, limits,
leaves no survivors;

Tess M Dec 2020
don't know what to feel
hate you; love you
lost in the confusion

I get what I want
yet I'm left
when you leave

dynamic is changing
you no longer chase me,
was it only ever a hope
for More?

you hurt me
but I hurt me too
for trusting so
Tess M Nov 2020
is it this loss,
the loss of her
or is it something else

constantly eating, dreaming.
waiting, searching.

people seem to find that which they look.
I do not.

am I alone in my antsy
will my leg ever stop shaking,
my heart stop looking?
will I ever be satisfied?
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