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starlight Mar 15
G                       B7
When the leaves start to fall
               Em                         A
and the wind falters to a whisper
                     G            B7    Cmaj7  G
Would you still be there beside me?
                   G                      B7
When the colors start to fade
               Em                     A
like the lights from my eyes
                     G           B7        Cmaj7 G
Would you still be standing by me?
                   Em                A
When the sky starts to fall
and the stars start to fade
         E7                  A7            
After we've been through it all
                     G                          B7
Would you still walk to the end with me,
     Em       A       G                 B7         G
to finally rest, beneath the Willow tree.
A serenade to someone I have yet to meet.
starlight Nov 2019
Cmaj7    E7                 Dm       G7
You and I, are star crossed lovers

E                     Dm                 G7       Cmaj7
Looking for, love in a sea of dreams

Cmaj7    E7   Dm    G7
You and I, a fated pair

E            Dm       G7      Cmaj7    C
Together from everywhere
A song I wrote, with ukulele chords. Is the song stupid? Yeah, but it sounds nice.
Wellspring Feb 2019
It's the most surreal feeling
Walking down a street that
Should be full of noise and traffic,
But for some reason, it's not.
A sad ukulele strumming away in your ears,
The sounds of the wind,
The birds,
The trees,
All accompanied by the empty streets,
And the grey clouds moving slowly overhead.
So this happened this morning. It was weird.
Dinodust Mar 2018
I’m sitting here
With a messy bun that barely keeps hair out of my face

Singing along to ukulele strums

Singing along to chords

C, C sharp, G, A and then repeat

My soft voice barely singing

Too scared to be heard by ghost
In this empty house

I slowly get louder
More confident

With my strums and voice

Singing a song soaked in pain and lost love

Singing a song about losing one self

Singing a song about finding yourself

My messy bun comes down
Covering me in long, brown hair

I giggle

I love this

I love this confidence
I love how I’m learning
I love me

I love myself
Juni Notte Feb 2018
I'm tired of feeling this way
just wanna play the ukulele
while sailing away
on a small little raft
to a faraway place
where all I can do
is watch my friend
rise and fall on these blue ocean waves
I'm tired of feeling this way
just wanna escape
just wanna sail away
with my little ukulele
to a place no one can find
Kelly Anne Jan 2018
you let me
sing loud
you let me
fly high
you let me
express my emotions
you let me
be me
the best me
A little appreciation poem for my ukulele, who has gotten me through so much. I just love to play and sing my heart out. Remember, the right music can get you through ANYTHING. The right music can save lives! The right music helps you be the best you that you can be. <3
Chloe Jul 2017
Sometimes, I wake up and I wonder
How I ended up inside
...Ended up inside
Sometimes, I wonder
How did we fall...
For such a simple trick
That everyone says that they'll never fall for
when they fall in love.
You said you'd never do the things you do.
You said you'd never fall in love again.
You said you'd never do the things you do.
Then why, why, why
do we not know better?
Not know better?
Farther down the truth....
Farther down the truth...
So far away from you.
Farther down the truth.
So called truth.
I thought I loved you from the start.
I thought I loved you from the heart.
I thought this was about you.
But in the end,
it's always about me.
In the end,
it's always about me.
In the end,
it's always about...
b e mccomb Aug 2016
it was uncomfortably
hot out today

i put my cardboard box
down on the pavement
and squinted into
the midspring sun

grateful for the
of the truth
the ukulele truth
and nothing but
the truth

like i could
scream every
johnny cash song
i've never learned
at every pathetic smoker
disobeying the signs

and i understood
oh but did i
why they're always
pushing friday
on midweek radio shows

it's thursday
at 3pm
and guess what?
now we're free

(to roll in the grass
and soak up the sunshine
or maybe just
take a nap)

tell your winter
clothes where they
can stuff it
and your hick
christmas lights
to get lost

there's a pitcher
of unsweetened
ice tea with just a
dash of lemon juice
waiting for me when
i get home

and a cracked
front step to
nod off on once
it gets cooler

and even these
june bugs
out in may can't
bring me down.
Copyright 5/12/16 by B. E. McComb
maggie W Apr 2015
It's not even romantic
But I'm going to write a poem of every boy I met.Not romantic,
It's not that I had met a lot of men.

On that morning
you played ukulele,
I sang along with the lyrics
Creep, Blur,anything

The morning light shined through your squinted eyes
I can still see the dust swirling, dancing in front of the sun-bathed face of yours.
We were singing to each other
The other two are non-existence.

You are so warm, comfortable to be around with
A Belarusian boy ,aspiring to speak good Chinese.
You paint, you cooked and made desserts
Always at ease at hitchhiking
through Kazakhstan and China

I felt that you secretly want to try to escape from what you had
from Belarus to Czech, then to this mysterious Eastern world, a bit communist.
And then to Taiwan.

This is for you Ilya, a friend for only a day and night.
You're too delicate for me to handle as you have
skin like milk and heart of seven seas
Smile like a 5 year old in a swing.
Sam Luna Feb 2015
I fell in love with the way you looked at me last night
I searched for the stars but only to find them in your eyes
There were no words spoken
Only music has broken
the silence of the night.

I wish I could've read your mind
What could you possibly be thinking
while listening to my singing?
I wish I could've stared for a while
But you might've noticed the
dilation of my eyes.
I like you, that's why.
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