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Man Nov 2023
Each emination,
Hot as an inferno.
The breath I let escape
Burns before it boils,
Serpent, tongue coil.
The way you worked me;
Nailed the coffin, spread the soil.
M Solav Mar 2021
So this is how it feels
To be nailed to a cross
On a backdrop of pillows.

That mattress on which we lie...
The bedsheets are like the wind
Floating amidst your thundering sighs;

Yes, they are hammering me down
As you hold me there with your thighs
Beneath mine.

I am powerless,
I am breathless
As I tread upon the night sky
And the echoes of your rest.

There is a crossroad as I follow the path:

One to sorrow,
One to hopelessness,
One to indifference
And one to the divine.

And now at last there's a silence
That may linger til the morn.

We’re all prepared for renewal
From a past that won’t be left behind.
Written on January 7th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Bhill Feb 2020
Get it handled she said as I crawled out bed
And she was trying to be nice I'm sure
I forgot to remove the goo and the glue
And nails I left in the shed

What does it mean cause I forgot to clean
The barn where the animals live
The storm came around with a wild howling sound
And messed up the whole gall **** scene

The crops got blown around all through the town
Just like the storms in the past
Neighbors were in a hurry and it was a big scurry
To keep all of their stuff nailed down

Well this poem went crazy cause my brains a bit hazy
And words just seem to pop in
It makes a little sense but I'm not very tense
So I'll end it here you will see...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 59
Serious brain storm this morning...!
Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
you could say
she didn't know

I don't know, mebbe

but she knew

that wombed man,

I could tell

but she tells it better,

mysterious as hell, she says

I know a mother's love

no un-wombed, v. 1.0 ever can

even imagine

the pain
and the joy


that head stompin'promise...

Remember that.
wisdom practice, seeing the fem in fatle infante enflagrante
nja Mar 2019
Arms outstretched.
Guilty by association.

Wanting cleanliness.
Wanting more.
Guilty as charged.
Rohan P Aug 2018
the body turns
and trembles
and opens

you didn't tell
me that the green
was closing in

but the fence nailed
and turns
and trembles.

— The End —