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Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Alarm sounds,  I wake ⏰
Ready to take on the day! ✊
... five more minutes please....😴
Strangely enough, now that I have nowhere to be during the day... I've been waking up snap! With my alarm good and awake... figures... X'D
So far I'm enjoying being temporarily jobless as much as I can but this is a big problem for a lot of people so I hope everyone will look out for your neighbors if you got them...
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Mist of eager green
Tiny understory leaves
Signal life's return.
I always love the stage of growth where all the trees are still black and leafless but the tiny undergrowth shrubs have just started putting out their first leaves and the green hangs like a fine mist around the base of the trees in the forest.  💕🌱🌱🌱💕
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Kindling a purr...
Stroking the cat's back softly
Contentment ignites.
Anyone who's ever touched a happy cat knows how incredibly calming the sound and feel of a rumbling purr can be... cat jumps in your lap you scratch in just the right place for long enough to get one started and there you have it!... instant relaxation for the small price of playing bed and masseuse to another creature... X'D

*w* heehee... I'm pretty proud of my wordplay in the title... X'DDDD
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
The March wind is here.
Sun sparkles on the river,
Trees wave barren limbs.
Written 03 / 06 / 20
Wrote this at work just looking out the window at the sun shining off of the river... and I've always loved the March wind ever since I was a child and I read a poem about it and wrote my own... ooh, I should look for that one...
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Our beautiful world
Voices her wrath through thunder
Clouded eyes rain tears.
I think I started this one around June last year but I finally finished it today...
It's fun to personify the world but the truth is in it's great mysterious vastness it really feels no emotions... not How We Do ...nor is it a single entity really ...from the way I look at is an impossibly complex woven web full of all the life that it contains and supports.. or like a harp where each strand sings its own song whether it's heard or not whether it's appreciated or not independently all notes come together into a song... it's up to us, the ones who can feel and think, to make sure that our threads are not irreparably Tangled with the ones around us or the notes of the song are not discordant to the rest... then maybe our unseen weaver / conductor will smile and sigh in contentment...
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Possible titles:
storm colors
Concrete chameleon


I watched the sidewalk
Go from light to spotted grey
Sudden rain shower.

A different version:

Watching the sidewalk
grey spots growing together
Stone chameleon.
I like the idea of this one it's been rattling around in my head for a while and I've written it down in various forms can't quite settle on the finished version though maybe I should ask for some input ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really like the comparison of the changing colors to the chameleon but chameleons have no place on a rainy sidewalk so it's kind of a weird connection and it also reminds me of painting so yeah rain painted chameleon sidewalk mess hahaha...
Emily Mitchell Mar 2020
Everyone is panicking
I just want to Live.
Our situation is serious,  but panicking causes far more harm than good... be informed,  use good sense, take care with what you do and the decisions you make,  and realize that this has always been the case and will still be important even after people calm down.... and all it took was a sub-microscopic un-organism to open our collective eyes...

This simple, inelegant Haiku came to mind the other day when I was at work... I work in a restaurant and that's one of the most iffy spots to be right now... the last line has less to do with worrying about death and more to do with missing the normalcy of life that changed so quickly... I have faith that things will go back more or less to how they were ...eventually ...and I hope that everyone will do their part to make sure we come through this safely and perhaps stronger and more knowledgeable.
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