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Wyatt Jun 2018
I am a man
who’s barely alive,
“I am the pen who
hates when you write.”
I am that feeling
which makes you sigh.
I am a knife
that carves little lines.
There’s a pounding in my head,
an incredible sense of dread.
Dope my mind full of meds,
I’m sick of cleaning up the mess.
Putting my pencil down, giving up,
for surely I have failed the test.
So much sadness inside
that I must always address.

I hope you don’t think
that I like writing
about how much
I wanna die currently.
I hope you don’t think
these words are a show,
I don’t get a bunch of kicks
from living down below.
Know this is real for me,
call it an autobiography.
I don’t like repeating myself,
falling prey to the same trap.
I’m not relishing in the relapse.
I always find lies in the fact.
Death seems so matter-of-fact
which may be why
I gravitate towards it
and reject my signs of life
which leave me perplexed.
Ease my presence,
don’t complicate my existence.

I hope you don’t think
that I wanna be this way
although every day
I play tug of war with
self-destructive thoughts.
Do I wanna motivate
or deprecate how far I’ve come?
If you can relate
then let me tell you
I’ve got no answers
for our plentiful problems,
so I want you to live
hard enough for the both of us
because I wanna take
the easiest ways out sometimes.
I’m selfish most of the time.

I’m sick, I’m too depressed
but you already know that.
I must confess,
I think a lot about death.
It’s no habit anymore,
it’s more like a regret.
I could have been long since dead
but I want to see it all for myself
how dark this picture can get.
It’s the only reason I still exist.
If only pain killers could **** the pain,
they more-so give the pain a jacket.
Covering up,
hoping it soon passes.
It never does,
new hurt only attaches.
A glimpse of hope
but I murdered chance.
next to a set of matches.
I’m much too cynical
to remain passive
because pain never passes.
Colm Nov 2017
The lack of the eternal
  Within my own eternity
    Has never bothered me
      Before this
        Before today
          I cannot am
            I cannot want
              I will not be
There's no turning back
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
Perhaps if time could speak,
one would not feel so alone in
the depth of their mind.
For time is an endless sea
one that just ebbs and flows.
And we are never sure of the
course our lives will take.

So we lose ourselves in the Fields,
heart, soul and mind locked away
as we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

Time and tide are never still.
Time and tide will never wait.
And as time slips away,
it can never be found again.
But we wander.
And wander.
And wander.

Unrushed for those who wait,
Soaring for those who fear.
As we wander.
And wander .
and wander.

Lasting for those who grieve.
Binding for those who love.
And we wander.
And wander.
And wander.
I'm in somewhat of a grey mood. More and more these days.
Especially when I think about time.
aryanalynae Jul 2017
sighing through the evening,
i can't help but feel that sigh.
i'm pausing for a moment,
but the moment passes by
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Wait for a while
Wait for sometime, quite sometime
Wait till the next moment in time passes by, wait until then.
Wait for a while.

Wait because there is something going on in the mind
Distortion of facts leads to disturbance of the thought process going on in the mind
Annoying seems the present moment in time
Still it’s always better to wait for a while
Wait for sometime.

Wait because there is something going on in the mind
What happened then at that point in time?
What went wrong?
What happened prior?
Whether it was a diversion, whether it was a deviation
No one knows
No one can tell
Except for you, yourself
So always it's better to speak truth to yourself.

Since there are so many things going on in the mind,
it's always better to stay firm upon something not only at the present moment in time,
but also with the passing moment in time.

Make sure everything is clear in the mind with regards to what is going on in the present
Once that happens, then from that moment onwards things start changing
Time now to proceed with what has been decided as of now in the present with regards to the present moment in time.

Once that gets decided, then no point in looking back
It’s time now to proceed with what has been decided in the present and specifically getting the same thing done with regards to everything going on in the present.
aniket nikhade Dec 2015
Let the things in the present remain as they are
Let everything remain as it is
Live life in the present with the present moment in time
Let it be as it is.

The day starts
The day passes by
The next day comes
Very soon even it will become a thing of past
Life continues
Time does not stop.

Let it be as it is
Let the things in the present remain as they are.

Think about the past, present and also about future only when needed,
otherwise no need to ascertain the future.
Time spent in discussing the worries about future is not going to come back, neither will discussion solve any problems of the present.
Definitely an act towards getting something definite done will sort out the things.

Let it be as it is
Let the things in the present remain as they are.

Never wait for the moment in time when something in particular will happen so as for the things to take shape.
Never depend entirely on any one particular aspect, element, factor or thing.
Time moves, time runs, time flies
Time and tide waits for none.
Still efforts are always made to save time so as to get and gain more time in the future.  
It's always a race against time.

Let it be
Let the thing of past remain in the past.
Continue with what you have got in the present.

Mistakes from the past and worries about future knock upon the door as and when a peaceful moment in life is found to live upon.
Never did it mean to live life in the past,
nor did it mean to live a life with regards to worries about the future.

Since life continues with the present moment in time,
it's always better to live life in the present.
Participate in what you know you are the best,
later improve and improvise in where you are lacking.

Never was it possible for anyone to climb the ladder of success without making any effort.
Remember efforts never go wasted,
focus needs to be maintained and the same must be kept intact.

Obstacles and failures are part of life,
so never compromise,
nor negotiate with neither obstacles and nor failures.
Learn lessons while tackling them.

Once the right moment in time comes in sight,
strike upon the same.
Definitely you will strike gold when you strike upon the right moment in time.

Let it be
Live life in the present with the present moment in time.
Make the best use of the present moment in time by giving your best in the present.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2015
Don’t touch me.
I don’t know you,
A stranger to me,
I don’t allow you.
You smiled at me
From across the place.
In this noisy nightclub
You’re just a face.

You might be a cook
Or maybe a movie star.
I don’t know you at all.
I don’t know who you are.
You don’t have permission
To put your hands on me
And treat me like someone
Who is desperate and ******.

I totally understand
The way things are today.
After all I’m in this bar;
It’s like I seem to say
I’m one of those types
You take home for some fun.
That might be what you think
But I am simply not that one.

You see, all I can go on
Is a matter of your looks
And I am not a psychic
To tell angels from crooks.
So, thank you for your offer,
But I am going to pass.
I turned you down even though
You patted me on my ***.

I won’t woke up tomorrow
Full of sorrow and regret.
I won’t be the conquest
You will quickly forget.
I’ll be the one who has
Taken the time to say
I understand your game
But, I don’t want to play.
Echoes Of A Mind Aug 2015
The days just pass by
and the calender
where the pages are beeing pulled off
One after another
Only missing the "He loves me, he loves me not"
Then it could have been a flower.

'Cause some days he messages me
Some days he doesn't
I just keep waiting
For that single message
which now and then makes my day.
Written on phone XD
The whole night
I take turns in sleep
Right and left
On my back and sides again

A gentle breeze passes
over my face and body
It is my beloved’s song,
Her flying kiss
steven Dec 2014
and it drifts out in sunsets
from throbbing eyeballs
locked on horizons,
thinking staring
following that double-frame
earthquake spasm
cut to black and blacker
behind the skull
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