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Lexi Harwick Feb 2019
Through all of it, I never thought
That you'd do that to me.
It hurts that I gave you faith and love--
Things you could never receive.

I know you had good intentions
At the very start.
You wanted me in your life
And a place in my heart.

Although now you're gone,
There's still a place for you in mine.
The only thing to fill the hole
In my heart will be time.

I hope that you're happy,
Even if it hurts that you've moved on.
I just want the best for you
Even if you're gone.
Lexi Harwick Feb 2019
I fear that time closes in;
It moves faster and faster.
A broken heart, a broken mind,
My life is a disaster.

I'd hoped that time wasn't done.
There's still much for me to do,
But the night bandit creeps up on me
As I wave goodbye to you.

I wonder what it will be like,
If eternal life exists;
All these questions cloud my thoughts
Like the spring's morning mist.

It pains me so that I must go,
But I know it's out of my hands.
There's something larger than I,
And it's all according to His plan.
In Loving Memory of Jeannie Dettman
Lexi Harwick Jan 2019
A piece of me is gone,
And I thought it would be back.
You left without a song,
And you didn't leave a track.

Instead, you left memories;
They replay inside my brain.
All the good times, all the bad times,
They just fill me with pain.

Pain from a great loss
No one could prevent,
So I put a shield around my heart
That no one now can dent.

In short, I wish you were here,
And all I can do is write.
In the morning, I feel your absence
And even more so at night.
Lexi Harwick Jan 2016
a plant grows towards
the sun
as we grow towards
but the sun is 93 million miles
and happiness is out of reach
Lexi Harwick Jan 2016
it's been 43 days
since we last talked.
the worst thing is:
you still don't care.

it's been 43 days
of throwing stones
and the pain
I cannot bear.

it's been 43 days
of suffocating;
without you,
there's no air.

nothing matters
to me anymore
besides the fact that
you're not there.

— The End —